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Would you consider becoming a "couplepreneur", aka starting a business with your husband or partner? What would be your major concern?”

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  • WE DO . . . and I actually left a full time government job to do so!! (commit me now) We actually started dating because he asked me for help on a project. Just before we were married we had to step in and take over his parent's business do to father's heart attack. We eventualy stepped back, as father & son nor MIL & Daughter-in-law were NOT meant to work under one roof. 3 years ago I left my gov't job to step into his business - he'd had no luck in finding a viable office manager. We are not together everyday all day - that IS our saving grace - and we BOTH know that. We are both very strong personalities and we both make mistakes. We are truly partners - although we joke about finishing each others sentences we depend upon one another. Can we do it alone - yyes if we have to but we naturally fit together, and are able to bounce back from the occassional screaming match - keeps the heart pumping. I am still looking fo rthe day when I can skip out of work for an afternoon rondevou with "my boss" though!
    My advice, if you do it you need: strong shoulders, strong heart and a very strong marriage - cause it ain't easy but it does have rewards!

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  • I wish we would start a biz together!
    I long for that.
    The idea of starting a biz with him is my dream.
    He would never - he is to focused on his goals.

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  • I think my major concern would be spending too much time together..My husband and I get along famously, but I always enjoy when he goes off to work too and I would not want him around 24/7.

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  • Hi Victoria,
    My husband is a cancer researcher - he patented a drug for melanoma. He works well with doctors, but when it comes to pitching his business for funding, he is totally not " A BUSINESS MINDED". I attempted to help him but I am got frustrated with him .. So, to save my sanity, I stopped!!! Besides, I have my started on my own activewear business, maybe I'll make enough $$ to fund his business!!!

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  • We kind of sort of do that in some capacity. We support one another when it comes to my website but full force working 9-5 with each other....OMG NO NO NO NO NO. My major concern would be communication, emotions and taking away from the marriage - being a "couple". I would be afraid that i would knock him out at the end of the sorry but true. Love em dearly but we already spend enough time together.

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