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Who out there was honestly disappointed by their mothers day? I met up with neighbors and they were pretty much snarling at their husbands(me too a little). Do we expect too much on mothers day? Who really sits back and relaxes? For me it was not much different than most days. Except DH made breakfast and decorated the plate (2nd time in 7 yrs).”

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  • My day was neither great nor blah, but I didn't really expect anything amazing so I wasn't disappointed. We had a nice brunch with my husband's family then we just came home and chilled.
    I wish we'd gone for a nature walk or something, but my husband's ruptured cervical disk was really bothering him so a walk was out of the question.
    It's a good thing that my kids and my husband constantly make me feel special and loved or maybe I'd be way more disappointed about my Mother's Day!

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  • Yesterday was a pretty typical Sunday. But this has been sort of a mom's weekend extravaganza. Friday was the mother's day luncheon at school with the girls. Saturday morning we did Race for the Cure (see my note), Saturday night I went to dinner and saw "Chicago" with my aunt. Sunday, I did get breakfast in bed, but I'm not sure if that was for me or because M went downstairs and directed dad to bring her some breakfast cause she was cuddling with mommy.
    I got some petunias and mums for my garden. Yay!!
    I bought myself nachos for lunch because they are my favorite, and I did no laundry. That was my treat to myself.
    Mostly though I just tried to relax. It was nice.

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  • I hate to admit it, but yesterday was the worst! I didn't go into it with high expectations...but it was really bad. My grown kids decided to have M-Day at one of their homes...they fixed brunch for me my son's mother-in-law. That idea alone, was so sweet and kind...that's where the good part ends though. My other son shows up, hungover from the night before begins bragging about the new truck he and his (absent) wife just bought, the classic motorcycle he just got the day before, how much money he is making, blah, blah, blah....kind of boorish!!! Did I mention he brought me a $5 M-Day card??? Well, that was it...oh and the cheese for the breakfast. There's no conversation, except my grown son going on and other son is trying to cook in the kiitchen and juggling the entire meal. Well, then hungover son decides he wants to leave so he can take wifey for a ride in the new truck...did I mention wifey told me the day before, hungover son wanted to do something special with the moms?? Uh, neither did he!!! So off he goes...then cooking son asks me to go to the store to pick up something for the next part of the M-Day brunch, but he drive cause he's been drinking...why me??? I was pretty pissed. I went, I made him go with me, and all he could do was complain about hungover son. Ok, I had had enough. So, I left and got my oil changed, did my laundry and went to bed, very disappointed wiith my Mother's Day. It was stressful, and empty. Kind of like being kissed through a screen door!!! I thought about it all day...started looking online when I got home to see if I could find another mother who had a disappointing M-Day...glad I found this site and was able to get that story outta my head.

    My kids are 34 and 31 both married, both have one child each. I'm 53 going thru a divorce...Thanks!! I liked it better when my kids were in grade school and I was killing myself juggling a hectic schedule, working being a least the teachers instilled into the kids to do something nice for their hardworking moms.

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  • Yesterday was just like every other day. So I can either think that my Mother's Day wasn't that great OR I can flip it for the better and think that EVERY day is Mother's Day. I like the latter. Hugs to all you great Moms!!

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  • I don't know if it would be fair to say I was disappointed. I loved what everyone did, made and purchased for me. I think my only issue was that, with both of our parents living so close to us, I didn't get to relax. We spent the entire day running around taking care of each other's mothers needs. Ugh! I feel like today should be my Mother's Day holiday next year so that I can relax from taking care of our moms.

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  • Sadly the highlight of my day was that my one-year old son finally let my MIL hold him. She is a very intense woman, so ever since he became more aware and mobile, he shrieks and runs from her when she barrels toward him to give him a hug. I think she had given up yesterday when he suddenly reached for her. Ah, to not have to endure the "why does your son hate me?" for the thousandth time. what a nice break. :)

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  • MAC - well said. My day was normal as usual, except my father and husband were putting new pavers in my backyard; so I gues that was my gift. My Husband also had a Gardenia tree sent to my house and made a great breakfast.
    Holidays are not about gifts for me it is all about thought. My son made me a foam necklace for mothers day and I teared up.
    Unfortunately my mother is the one that set off my entire day. She has conversations with me that I can never recall - so she says. Long story short she got a speeding ticket to my house. When I told her we were not ready because I did not know she was on her way she started "geez, I got a speeding ticket because I was speeding to get to your house" My response was "it's not my fault you got a ticket." Then the days events kept trickling with my mother.

    It's holidays in general that I am just learning not to make a big deal out of with my relatives.

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  • Lylah...I love your daughter's thinking on this! Yeah, I cannot expect the treat-like-a-queen royal treatment. But c'est la vie. - Paula.

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  • I learned long ago not to expect much out of the day. For several years, it was a given that on mothers day someone would vomit, have diarreah, a high fever or any combination of the three. I am happy to report that this era of my life seems to have ended. This year and last, all healthy. I have also learned not to expect a wonderful breakfast in bed, flowers, or for my family to act like they all adore each other. What I do expect is the school project gift from any elementary aged child ( I now only have one), and for each of my kids to at least say "Happy Mothers Day", and maybe a card or two from my adult kids. This year I got all that and so much more. My oldest daughter gave me a USB cable, a little thing but it meant alot only because she knew hooking up my new printer was my goal for the weekend. She also knew that just because it is a Sunday, and just because it's Mothers day doesn't mean I have any more free time than any other day. She also brought over her fiance to install get the job done. He's an IT guy and did it so much faster than I could have. My 15 yo gave me a copy of an English assignment that was a tribute to me, and my mother. My other kids gave me similar meaningful if small gifts. Other than that it was off to the races, meaning: rush to moms house, rush to the musical reahearsal that my 15 yo is in, rush to voice lessons. In all about 3 hours worth of driving + 3 hours worth of waiting in my van.
    But at the end of the day, I am happy. Even though there was drama amongst the girls, stress with the directors forgetting to tell us the schedule changed, dissapointments, cranky husband, blah blah blah...
    I got to spend time with my kids. They are all happy, and each growing toward increasing independence and success. Just seeing them today validated me. Every choice I make, every sacrifice I make is working. I am pleased with the outcome of my efforts, and feel blessed beyond measure.
    As moms we don't get up in the middle of the nights to soothe crying babies, change diapers, rock sick kiddos, clean up their messes and make them eat their broccoli just so that some day they will give us a Hallmark card and a dozen roses on Mothers Day. We do it because the minute they are born, they are more important to us than our very selves. So when Mothers Day rolls around again next year, I look forward to nothing more than seeing the progress of my 5 greatest accomplishments.

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  • My 3-year-old asked me yesterday, "What's Mother's Day?" I told her it was a special day for Mamas, so kids can tell their mothers they love them. She thought about it and said, "I like Valentine's Day better. Happy Valentine's Day for Mamas!" So... that's how I see it. Valentine's Day for mamas. I didn't sit back and relax at all, but I did shift my perspective and see appreciation in the tiniest of things...

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