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Are your mother and/or mother-in-law supportive of you working?”

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  • My mother is so supportive. She thinks it' good for woman to have a goodjob and she knows it takes two to work now a days. She was a house wife and cleaned houses when we were younger and she wanted to make sure I didn't end up doing a job I hated. My mother in law never really has said anything, but she doesn't have to. I can tell she thinks people who stay home are better, but I told her once that I would stay home in a heart beat if her son could afford to, but he can't so I have to work. I'm out at 3, I don't touch work at home or the weekends and my job is fulfulling and easy. So I think I have a good balance going.

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  • Yup. Mom was the main breadwinner and eventually divorced my dad, so she had a lot on her shoulders. My MIL is in general a very supportive person, so she's cool with my working. Besides, I think she realizes that hey, the reality for hubby & I is that even with both working, we don't make a lot of money and we live in an area where the cost of living is high. So it was kind of a "we can't afford that grandkid you want without both hubby & me working" situation. - Paula.

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  • They are both supportive because they know I love my job. My mom worked a lot (3 jobs at a time) when I was growing up to help put my dad through college, so I just think she is afraid that I will have regrets like she does now (although I know now that she was only doing what she had to do at the and my siblings have no ill feelings towards her and actually appreciate the work ethic she instilled in all of us). My MIL thinks that I should try to stay home one day, but until we either win the lottery or my husband gets a job making 10 times what he does now, that won't be happening anytime soon!

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  • My mom is completely supportive of my working. She worked when I was a kid, too. I'm not so sure about my mother in law. She has never said anything as she has always worked a lot but I know that the rest of his family is completely against my working. In fact, it caused a lot of problems between the two of us when they decided to throw in their two cents in a week before I was supposed to go back. But his mother, specifically has never said anything. Just his sisters. Luckily, they all live 1000's of miles away!!

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  • My mom is thrilled that I earn a living writing. My MIL has no idea of what exactly I do. She used to think I just sat and played on the computer all day, but then she saw the money coming in. She still tries to find me work teaching English (I live in Guatemala and she┬┤s Guatemalan) for $2 an hour though. :S

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  • Yes, but my mom does worry a lot about my being too stressed out and not sleeping enough. She has always worked and knows that I like to work, but we have a lot of conversations about why I need to be doing what I am doing and why I can't get a more laid back job.

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  • My late mother was a teacher for 43 years and for a lot of the 51 1/2 years that she and my dad were married, she was the main money earner in the family. I come from a long line of working women. My late MIL worked until she got married and started having children, but all 3 of us DILs, as well as her own daughter are working women. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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  • Totally, 100%. My mother worked nights for my entire childhood (and, in fact, moved back in with her parents when she became a single mom, so I was really raised with three parents, not just one). My husband's mother used to be my boss! Just this week, my daycare provider was on vacation and my mother watched my son for two days (a 75 minute drive each way for her) and my husband's mother took a day off from work to watch him for one. We're very lucky.

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