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Do you have an embarrassing nickname for your child?”

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  • My 2.5 yr old is "stinkleberrydoo" don't quite remember how I came up with this one. They just sort of come to me. My oldest one was "bunnydoodle"

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by caramelsugarberry38 on 23rd May 2008

  • I often call my littlest guy "Stinkaroo" . . . because he makes a lot of dirty diapers. I´m sure that one will go away once he´s potty trained though! Other than that, my oldest son is frequently called "Bubbaloo" and the little one is "Bubbity Boo" . . don´t ask me how that got started. I can see that getting embarrassing once they hit school age. lol

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 19th May 2008

  • I call her silly goose sometimes -- I didn't think it was that bad, but the other day she asked that I please don't do that in front of her friends:) (she is 3.5)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 18th May 2008

  • My daughter - Poopy Head

    At 2 weeks old I took my daughter to the mall for final Christmas shopping for in-laws and 8 grandkids. While this was stressful, the idea that I could actually go "out" was too much to pass up.

    I'd finished nursing and took her into the bathroom for a change. After pulling down her diaper, she immediately sprayed me. Next, projectile mustard poop, straight at me. I barely jumped out of the way. Thus, Poopy Head she was christened.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Michele on 18th May 2008

  • Somewhere along the line, my son (he's now 22 months) has picked up the nickname "Monkeybutt". We even have monkeybutt song we sing when we change his diaper ("Monkeybutt, monkeybutt, look who's got a monkeybutt...."). It started when he was an infant, and we figured by the time he could talk he would have outgrown it, but its still going strong. I now suspect that we'll still be using it when he's in High School.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by anastasiav on 18th May 2008