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For single moms or anyone with ideas, how can I find male role models for young boys (ages 6, 5, 3). I believe in starting early, and I want my children to grow into healthy, well-rounded young men. Boys&Girls Club is too far away...”

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  • I'm with Kathy -- I'm incredibly grateful for my 29-year-old brother, who takes me 3-year old son skating, to the park -- shows him the manly way to pee, even (!)

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  • I agree with KathyHowe. Family is always a good start. But, if they aren't readily available you can contact The Big Brothers - Big Sisters association. They are really great and I have a cousin who was a single mother and paired her daughter with a Big Sister who was a great positive influence. They are adults who have training and share a long-lasting bond with children by mentoriing, coaching and sharing fun activities together once a week (or however you schedule).

    You can also look to your local church. There may be groups or ministries that gather regularly to mentor young boys. Of course be sure to check out their references so you can feel secure and confident in what's going on.

    You can also talk to some of your male co-workers. Sometimes you'd be surprised to find out that they would be interested in taking on a position of role model with your kids - especially if they have male children of their own.

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  • I realize I'm probably being partial here, but the martial arts school where my son takes tae kwon do has predominantly (but not all!) male staff, and they are EXCELLENT role models for him. They emphasize respect, commitment, trying your best, all that good stuff...all done within the context of good physical activity. This place is not some stereotype of a Bruce Lee beat-em-up movie. The teachers regularly play that stuff down. (E.g. one of their slogans is "power without justice is violence")
    The problem: it's not cheap. Then again, many extra-curricular activities aren't cheap either. GL! - Paula.

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  • A male au pair would be an excellent option, while having help with the children and help around the house. Contact me to for our current discounts.

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  • Grandpa's, uncle's and family friends are a great way to go.

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