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What do you and your spouse or partner argue about most often -- money, housework, something else?”

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  • Money, his selective memory and my tendancy to have too much energy.

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  • We rarely argue. But when we do - it usually it has to do with our families :)

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  • We do not argue very much anymore and if we do, it is usually about my listening to my doctor now that I have had my accident and am starting to heal from it.

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  • Getting things done around the house. We are in a current state of remodel and I have been extremely tense with the lack of motivation my DH has. He has been copping and 'tude when I ask about the status of this project or that. We had a "discussion" about it on Sunday and we are now both on the same page. He has scheduled time through out the week to work on the projects and I have promised not to nag.

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  • Housework for sure. Housework is always a massive issue. I feel like I do everything all the time. He claims to do a whole lot but I really don't see what. Every now and then I see he has done some stuff like put dishes away or something. Although, we do fight less about it now that we have a cleaning person once a month. The thing is that he claims to be this really clean person but he's not at all. He makes a huge mess when he cooks - it's taken years but he just recently started cleaning up after this. He leaves clothes everywhere and then picks them all up days later. I now started to throw everything into a pile in the closet. He leaves facial hair in the sink after shaving. The worst is when he takes out all the toiletries and leaves them all over the sink. Just leave the drawer open and put each one back in the drawer as you use it. It takes the same effort as putting them on the sink! Even my mom noticed what a slob he is when she was there and yet he claims that he is very, very clean. He claims to spend every morning after I leave for work cleaning yet when i get home, I usually have tons to do.

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  • Our biggest arguements are usually around money and his driving habits. He tends to have a touch of the 'road rage' because, you know, no one else knows how to drive! And money, well he is just kind of clueless as to what the word 'budget' means! and then i resent having to be the one to enforce it LOL! but it works out and even those fights are horrible! just annoying :)

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  • Interesting how a couple have written that their husbands are more cautious and how they are more willing to just take the plunge or let the chips fall where they may (but not being irresponsible or reckless). I'd say that we fit that pattern too. But it's usually more of a case of my sizing up how I think I can convince him to go along with something (sometimes I conclude that it's not the right time to push him on something), rather than arguing about it. I would say our arguments -- more like "difficult talks" -- tend to revolve around intimacy. And I don't mean just sex. - Paula.

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  • We work together in a business. I create - he sells. I don't like it when he gets involved in my creative end - such as changing or adding something without letting me know or talking to me about it. He's very laid back (and that's ok).
    Our kids are grown and we have FOUR dogs (new kids on the block). We do argue about the upkeep sometimes. He overfeeds and makes them fat -not healthy - and he knows it, but their health is the only REAL argument - well - expect the POOP clean-up issues (he baqs it on walks and leaves the bags on the front porch or in the garden where OTHER animals come and carry it away - then the NEIGHBORS know where it came from . .. :( he just doesn't get it! (him) BUT IT WAS IN A BAG! - (me) NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!
    Otherwise - we are both in 2nd marriage and are very happy we found each other!

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  • Big steps in life. I've probably thought about things and am ready to make a decision when the time comes to do so. My husband takes things as they come and mulls something over FOREVER! I've started leaving bread crumb trails to get him used to ideas for major decisions. But, sometimes I still go crazy when I'm ready and he isn't.

    In the end, I'm probably more decisive but a risk taker. My husband is not a risk taker. It causes the most tension, but it works. We balance each other out.

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  • Honestly, it depends on the day and the issue on that day. We can argue about just about everything - our relationship, parenting style, finances, housework, something else, but we've learned how to agree to disagree about most things, lol.

    So, we can usually come together and get most things accomplished, I just had to learn how not to exacerbate things but railing on and on, but to say what I have to quickly in short form and then leave him alone to marinate for awhile. He usually gets it and we accomplish what we need to, but it hasn't proven to be the most expeditious means to settle disagreements, but it works.

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  • Parenting style/approach is the biggest area of tension at our house. We tend to agree on other matters, but my husband is much more nervous and cautious when it comes to parenting than I am, so I'm constantly harping on him to stop hovering and he is constantly wondering why I'm not standing over our son to make sure he doesn't bump his head on anything.

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