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How do you make sure that your kids are safe on the internet?”

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  • My best friend sent me a link to They have a cool new free tool that let's you create webspaces for your kids to surf. The neat part is you and your friends build it by voting and contributing content. They have a paid version too on Has anyone tried it yet?

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  • I don't lie to monitor my children activity because i would feel like breaking their intimacy. But on the other hand i protect their browsing activity with a parental software where i have made up a list with websites allowed for visiting and i defined a scheduler during my children are allowed on the Internet.

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  • I have found this web browser called Surf Knight. You can limit what sites they visit, and see where they have been after. It's free too!

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  • There is another site called that is similar to the one Claire described. It offers a kid friendly search engine - a great resource to take away the worry of them landing on a page you don't want them to see.

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  • My kids are only allowed to access the internet in our presence and in a common area of the house. The 13 year old shemo has her own laptop, but sans wireless internet access. She can only hardwire into the internet from the family room. I am very firm about this. I also am the creator and holder of her email and password. I feel confidently savvy when it comes to her computer use and she knows that breaking the rules results in a revocation of her privileges...indefinitely.

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  • I have been looking at A place that has recreated the web for young children so they don't have any "interesting" results when they do searches. Basically, they have researched and compiled a bunch of safe, age appropriate sites.

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  • The kids computer is in the den next to the kitchen. I can alway watch what they are doing or what's going on. We limit their time. We've set up bookmarks to direct where they go. Then, my engineer husband plays spy; he checks logs to see where they go.

    At 8 and 5, it's pretty easy to watch, but my daughter is now using Google and typing in urls. Mostly they just want games, but certain kid's sites also try to sign them up or they accidentally jump into an ad going offsite that wants them to buy something.

    For our oldest - now 20 - we did the same things. Mostly we had to deal with the constant IM. We took the drive by approach. But, his thing was the online role play games. We'd shut him down when they seemed to take over.

    Once while using the computer an IM popped up from my oldest son's friend. I know the kid pretty well and said "hi" back. He started a conversation and I quickly let him know this was the mom and that my son was at school, why wasn't he? He sheepishly replied hello and said he would talk to my son later. So, this helped keep my son and friends on their toes. I got a good chuckle.

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  • When my son is on the internet he has to be in my office where I can keep an eye on him. He knows what sites he can and can not go to. He recently lost use of the laptop for a week when I found him at a site he was not allowed to view. We also have persmissions set up on his computer that he is not able to download. His profile for his IM is set to private and I have to approve anyone he adds to his list.

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  • Oh, I should also add that the kids have their own profile on the computer and I have different settings on that profile than I have on mine. Like safe search on google is turned on and they can't download ANYTHING from their computer profile. My profile is password protected so if they did try to get sneaky with the computer they couldn't really do much anyways.

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  • I monitor the kids rather closely when they are online. We have a few rules about going online like the kids know that they are not supposed to check out anything online until I check it out first - or at least check it out with them. They are also not allowed to go online (or even use the computers) without my permission and that includes accessing the internet w/the Wii. They are younger tho - 8 and 11. I don't suspect that I will be able to police them this closely forever but for now, it works quite well.

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