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Do you have a good system for menu planning?”

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  • I'm trying to work my way thru several Crock Pot cook books. I found 1 book in particular that you cook the 1st meal in the Pot and then you use part of the 1st meal to make an entirely different 2nd meal.

    Crock Pots are God's gift to a working mother!

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  • I do have a pretty good system. I created a 12 month menu plan in excel. At the start of each month, I make adjustments based on any new recipes I want to try, days we will be out of town, etc - but for the most part, it is already done. I just print it, and it helps a bunch. Then I do a big shopping trip at the start of the month (also have a preprinted grocery list so I can just check things off that I need) and only have to do quick ones for the rest of the month for fresh produce, etc. It has been a huge time saver, and I've shared it with other working moms in the past. Let me know if you want me to send it to you.

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  • I desperately need to have a meal plan... otherwise i'll just eat out or have cereal at home, which is not great.... I've got to check it out...

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  • I have used an online tool called Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely. Her recipes are simple, everyday, family friendly fare. There are alot of different menu options including vegatarian and Kosher. There is a nominal fee, but the recipes are sent to your inbox and are downloadable in pdf.

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  • I've decided that if I want my evenings to be reasonably sane I'm going to have to (sigh) plan ahead. So, I've dabbled in menu planning for the last couple of months, but am looking for tips because my systems never seem to last more than a week. An easy online tool would be super, mostly because I might actually use it to be cool.

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