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What is your biggest challenge in keeping your kids organized for school? (I'm giving a seminar on this topic and want to be sure I address the most common concerns.)”

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  • Thanks for this suggestion. Starting the day off happy is indeed always a great strategy!

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  • Valerie this is a suggestion for you and a response to MamaBear, When my kids were in school, I found that in the mornings by putting on some happy upbeat music in the house made things a little easier.
    God Bless

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  • Thanks for your reply! That's exactly the kind of information I need. I'm planning to give a talk at a PTA meeting about how to keep your kids organized for school so I want to make sure I address a variety of issues since every family has different pain points. We also struggle with this one in my house, and I've had a lot of success with tying it to an incentive program. For example, my kids are 7 and 9 and have to earn their electronics time to use on the weekends, so we set the timer when they get up and however many minutes are left on the timer once they are ready for school gets added to their earned minutes. Admittedly my kids are much younger than yours, but I'm sure there must be something yours want that you could use as an incentive to get them out of that bed. Good luck!

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  • Getting them up early enough but not too early & making sure they actually ate something for breakfast. We have a pretty good balance at the end of the day. They have to get changed out of their uniforms, then they get to have an hour to do what they want - be it play, watch tv, eat or whatever...its free time. Then they have to empty their school bags, organise their homework and repack the bags for the morning.
    But it's getting them up & motivated in the mornings that is the biggest challenge for me. So I find doing most of the organisation the night before is so much easier.
    My daughter is now going to uni so she has to be self sufficient & be responsible for herself. My son is 16 and still at secondary school and he just is not a morning person. I have to set my alarm to wake him up early enough so should he fall back asleep, I'm up to get him out.
    I hope this was somewhat helpful, I'm not sure exactly what kind of information you need. :)

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