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OK, ladies, pep talk needed! I am about to head back to work after taking a brief sabbatical. I am excited about the new job but also concerned that I will fall back into old habits, which included working all the time. Read about it here: Any advice? What has helped you maintain balance in your life? Are there 2 or 3 things you do that have made a difference?”

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  • One thing that really helps me is scheduling... since I work outside of the home, my hours at my day job are fairly set, which makes things easier. But I don't work on freelance stuff (if I can help it) while my kids are up, and I try to avoid checking email in the morning (otherwise I'll get sucked in). My next step is to actually schedule in time for myself -- I'm bad at that, though I know I really need to just do it.

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  • I don't have a lot of balance:), but one thing I've learned is that putting yourself last is a really bad idea. When I went back to work I cut out any time just for me -- even getting a manicure or going shopping for anything other than stuff for my family. I did this self-sacrifice routine until my daughter turned 2 and it was a mistake -- I was exhausted, miserable, annoying to be around. I've since gotten a bit better about saying taking a few hours off just for me every once in a while (the guilt is there, but I try to mute it), and in terms of keeping my sanity, it's really helped a great deal.

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