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Have you every heard of Etsy or done any shopping there? It is a wonderful place to find all great handmade items, and to support lots of SAHM creating great things. I opened a shop there it is”

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  • I actually have a shop there. I love it to buy and sell. its

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Amanda on 15th July 2008

  • I would love to open a shop there, but don´t have a credit card (I live in Guatemala) which they require. :( There are lots of alternatives out there, though. I´m actually about to do a write up on craft selling sites next week on my blog!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 30th May 2008

  • I LOVE Etsy. It's the BEST place to find unique gifts. I'll check out your new shop.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Javacat on 29th May 2008

  • It's a great site and have found many great things there.

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