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How involved is your husband/significant other in taking care of your kids, making key decisions, and helping out around the house? ”

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  • My huband is very involved. We are more like "partners" than traditional "husband" and "wife". We don't look at tasks as gender-based. Of course, I did have to do the breastfeeding, but he was right in there with diapers. He doesn't "help" around the house, he just does stuff. Our situation is a little different, in that we live in Turkey and he is Turkish. Most Turkish men do not lift a finger in the home-- they will even tell their wives to go get them a glass of water. When I met my husband he was thirty and had pretty much given up on finding a women who would not serve him. "I do not want to be dependent," he said. He especially likes to serve guests when they come to tea. I think he likes to shock them. I have no idea what it would be like if we moved to the States and didn't have someone in to clean twice a week (she also irons). That would be the real test. In his own culture he is incomprehensibly liberated. We make all decisions together. Except for decorating. He is an architect and I love his work, so I let him buy the furniture and choose wall color. I buy most of his clothes, however, because I am out and about with our daughter and we like to buy him stuff. We make the big financial decisions together, but I am in charge of the daily stuff involving our daughter and our horse. He knows nothing about nail polish, hair, or horses. But he is supportive. We are fortunate to be on the same wavelength. I would not live on the other side of the earth for less.

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  • Let's see. He makes the decisions regarding his children. (We discuss stuff, but, as Florinda says, they are his kids. I have three children of my own, his kids have a mother. So, he does the parenting stuff with his kids.) I make the decision for my kids. (With input, when solicited, from him.) He does all the meal-planning and grocery shopping, and all the cooking on the weekends, because he's hypoglaecemic, and if he had to wait for "what? it's mealtime AGAIN" me, he'd be a MESS. I manage the household, because he's not very visual, and he just doesn't see the untidiness until it's at levels I absolutely can't live with. However, he's very methodical in his habits: he doesn't make mess, either.

    It's pretty equitable, all in all. This is because he's my SECOND husband, and I learned from my mistakes. Heh.

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  • My husband is getting there (I wrote about it on my blog -- see "Divide and Conquer" posting). He's willing to divide up the work and take on alot more than he used to. My frustration is that he will only take on what he's "assigned." That puts me squarely in charge of everything, and casts him as my "helper." I do wish he was a bit more proactive.

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  • I am going to write this and then send the link to my husband, whom I don't thank enough. I struck gold in this respect. From finding gymnastics classes for our daughter to calling her pediatrician, thinking up new snacks that she might actually eat, and pretty much everything else besides her clothes (he's tried, it doesn't work, so I handle dressing all of us) he is as involved as I am in everything. I am lucky. I know. I could not do what I do for work if it wasn't for him. I am a bad wife because I don't thank him enough. Sending him this now...

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  • Well, they're actually HIS kids, so the answer to that one is "very involved." :-) (My kid has his own apartment now, so he doesn't need too much from us.) Housework is divided but not specifically assigned, mostly. Key decisions are discussed, but if they concern the kids it's up to the biological parent (the other can consult, though).

    My gosh, I read this over and we sound so -- functional! But it's a second marriage for us both, and maybe we learned from the first one.

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  • my WHAT?!?!?

    just as soon as i find one i'll let you know. lol

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