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Would you ever hire a male nanny? How would you feel about a male caregiver at your child's daycare center?”

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  • I've seen a handful cycle through both of my sons daycares/after school care over the years. Maybe it's a boy thing, but they worshipped the guys that worked there!! The boys had so much fun doing all those boy things (and I HATE to use that term). Their worlds were full of women, so to have a male care provider was phenomenal.

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  • It's really weird because my husband's great with kids and so are most of my friend's dads. But we both would feel uncomfortable having a male that we didn't personally know looking after him. I know it sounds terrible! It's completely sexist and I don't like to feel that way but I do. Through the years I have met too many people who were either physically and/or sexually abused and only once was the physical abuse by a female. I guess it could happen with anyone male or female but from what I have known in my friend's pasts and on the news, it scares me too much so I just wouldn't feel comfortable.

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  • Excellent point JDaffron.
    There have only been a handful of guys at my daughter's daycare, but they have all been great. Sometimes I wonder if it's an issue of guys not being interested, or if they sometimes don't get the warmest receptions at some of these places. What is happening is that the stereotype is being passed on to the kids who see so few guys at these places they think it's unusual when there is one. M was so surprised the last time she had a male teacher, I had to explain that it's not weird for a boy to be a teacher.

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  • The daycare that my daughter was in had a young man that woked in the upper "grade" level section one year. He was an art student at VCU who was also taking childhood education classes and wanted to teach art to elementrary kids. He was WONDERFUL with the kids and had them doing things (art wise) that's still being done there today. He was only there a year, but he left a murual that stretched the entire length of the place and is still there. It's a shame that more guys don't interact with the kids and it's a shame that we have a bias against them. These kids NEED to see positive male role models other than thier fathers.

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