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How are you coping with gas prices? My husband commutes 3 hrs a day and pays almost $90 in tolls/wk. With gas at $4/gal we are getting smashed. And yes, he drives a gas guzzler, but after trying to re-configure, we found out it wasn't worth it to re-size our car b/c we'd wind up paying more later for a trade-in. Any suggestions? I'm about to start pouring vegetable oil in the tank,lol!”

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  • Check out for some tips on getting better gas mileage. Much of it is COMMON sense but there were a few things noted that I hadn't considered before. My theory is any advice that isn't along the lines of "spend money to save money" makes sense to try. For example, if slowing down and driving the speed limit MIGHT can't hurt can it?

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  • I'm having to spend $100.00 a week commuting to rehearsals for the show my daughter is in. We're carpooling some. Thankfully I only live 3 minutes from my office. Instead of driving other places, once I'm there I stay there because I dont want to spend extra gas $. And I'm cutting corners every where else. Brown bagging it. Brewing coffee and taking in a thermos instead of hitting the drive thru. Not shopping. Stocking up on loss leader items at the grocery store. Planning on planting lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers in our back yard. And going without alot of things we normally wouldnt think twice about purchasing. And thinking ahead when I am running errands. I try to hit places successively that I need to go en-route to and from places that I absolutely have to go to, therefore avoiding needless trips back and forth. For example, I drive by the grocery store on my way home from work, so that is when I go to the store.
    The lady we carpool with works for a trucking company- she says the theory that driving slower uses less gas is a myth.

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  • i have no idea... there are kits to change your car to bio-fuels but i think they are still cost prohibative at this point. i am just SO SO SO SO glad i bought a hybrid last year! i commute about 2ish hours a day (depending on traffic) and usually go about a week adn a half before filling up and dropping around $50 on gas. never thought i would be glad to only pay $50 for a week and a half of gas!!
    however, right now hybrids are EXPENSIVE! i would say just try to figure out whose car gets the best milage, he drives that one to/from work and you get the pricy one and try to stay home more. also, A/C eats up a lot of gas... as does speeding and excelerating fast (like to pass a slow person)... so maybe changes in some driving behavior can help? i am sure he is always a cautious driver anyway ;) good luck!!

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  • We live in NYC so it's easier to adjust by taking public transportation as much as possible. We also try to go outside of the city less these days...

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