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Who works more in your family: you or your husband? Does this affect who does more around the house?”

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  • We split our duties pretty evenly. My husband does a lot of physical stuff, like shopping, picking up/dropping off laundry, organizing house, putting things in storage, etc. I do a lot of paperwork stuff, paying bills, making appointments, making plans with our friends, etc. I'm much more organized and he is great at executing things. We are about to have our first child and I'm sure things will change drastically for us!

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  • I'd say it's close to even. I have a side business on top of my full-time job, so I work on weekends and in the evenings after my daughter goes to bed, but my husband puts in a longer day at his regular job than I do.

    As far as the household goes, he does the errands, shopping, decorating, etc., while I do the mechanical stuff (changing lightbulbs, hanging pictures, painting, assemblin.) Unfortunately, nobody really cleans and it causes a lot of stress...I think I need a housekeeper.

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  • Currently my husband is working a lot more as I am a consultant and working PT from home. We both used to work an equal amount (and it was a LOT!) and we used to split household duties pretty evenly. Now that I am home more, I do a lot more of the stuff around the house (though he helps when he can - it isn't an all or nothing arrangement). The truth is that when we made the decision for me to quit my full-time job, a lot of it was about reducing the stress in our lives. My handling a good deal of the household stuff, lets my husband spend more time just being a dad when he is home and not trying to be a dad, a cook, a maid, etc all together. It also frees us of many of the errands and chores we used to do on the weekends so that we can do fun things togehter as a family and just relax.

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  • My husband does most of the work outside of the home, as in a paid job. I do most of the caretaking of our family in the home because I work PT and flex hours. So the housework is mostly done by a housekeeper/nanny and this helps keep me sane and happy so that I can give my kids and spouse the best of my time when I'm with them. I think whoever is at home more must do most of the work at home - however you define it - caring for the kids, the house, etc.

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  • My husband has his own architecture firm and works from 9:00-8:00 Monday through Saturday, and usually does four or five hours on Sundays. If he wasn't so passionate about his job, and so talented, I'd be worried about him.

    I only have to be at my office at the university 8 hours a week. I am an editor and do most of my work at home. My work is seasonal. When I am not editing I am working on web design and content for my two official websites there. At home, when I am not editing, I am working on web design and content for my hobby websites, and trying to get my equestrian photography business closer to launch (still along way off but I love taking photos). I have a not-for-profit website for a specific illness that has an active forum, so I spend time on that, moderating and commenting.

    And then there is childcare. Our daughter is 15 now. I created a career for myself that would allow me to be at home when she is at home back when she was two. We spend a lot of time together and get along well. She is a competitive level dressage rider (and I am a wannabe) so I drive her to and from training sessions, an hour each way, four or five times a week. On weekends her dad takes her out to a movie and lunch and then a little shopping. Saturday he took her to the Istanbul biennial design fair.

    We have someone come in and clean twice a week, so the major cleaning is done for us. My husband is extremely tidy and I I do more picking up simply because it is my crap. We have always viewed the housework issue as if we were two room mates. There is not a gender thing. Although because I am working at home I do throw in loads of laundry, run the dish washer during the day. He does a lot of the grocery shopping because he parks his car in a paid lot that is right next to a supermarket. I do most of the clothes shopping when I am on trips to the States-- I'm a sales hound and something of a power shopper. I am more involved with our daughter on the level of her body and its care--- this is the most gender-based aspect of our arrangement.

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