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Anyone tried carpooling to save gas?”

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  • I used to have a horrible long commute and I found a coworker who lived in the same general vicinity as me and we worked out a carpool that worked well with us. I drove her once a week, she drove me once a week, so we cut down on gas by 20% and had company 40% of the time - but didn't have to worry too much about when one of us had to work late because it was only twice a week. We couldn't have done it every day for that reason.

    She and I became quite close in our long hours in the car together and even though we don't live in the same city anymore (or the same state for that matter) we still keep in touch and will be lifelong friends!

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  • It's not easy. Folks around here are not very receptive to carpooling. Either that or logistics get in the way. For starters, folks have to live relatively near each other to make it worthwhile. Only a few people qualify from my office. Most of the staff live south of the office; I live east of it. Then our hours have to be in sync (while the hours for each person can vary a little, we can't really set our own hours). That eliminates more people...including one who's a total political opposite to me and is vocal about it, so I'm not sure I can tolerate his vitriol. Then there's the smoker. Nope, not willing to ride in a smoke-filled car. That leaves one person whom I've approached. It turns out there's only 1 day a week he could carpool with me (either he's got commitments after work on some of the days or I do, for my son). And he said he has to think about it. Aaaargh!! I'm so frustrated. Wish it were easier. - Paula.

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  • I carpool every opportunity I can. I work from home so I'm not driving to an office every day but I'm really making an effort to make carpool arrangements for my kids and to preplan errands to minimize trips.

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