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Do you ever plan a vacation just with your significant other? Would you leave your child behind to get some quality time with your partner?”

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  • YES!!! We are going to Niagara Falls next year, and I don't feel guilty. I know my kids will be in good hands, and they know I am coming back. There is no separation anxiety. However, we take the kids places as often as our schedule and finances will allow. I don't know, though, I don't think I could go to Disneyland without the kids. As far as leaving them behind to have time with my husband, once in a while, it's completely necessary. I get lots and lots of quality time with the kids, but not so much with my husband.

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  • I've often thought about this, but have never tried it. Our kids are 9 and 7 and we haven't taken a "private" vacation since 1998. We only have my parents to ask and, frankly, sometimes the sleepovers they do (about 5 times a year) seem like it's too much for them to handle. The kids are very good and more independent than ever. I'd love this type of relaxing break, but honestly I know my husband won't go for it.

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  • I can't wait till this weekend for the first time in 3 years me and hubby are going to be out of the house overnight together without the baby. We don't have many people we trust to watch our daughter overnight. My mom has health issues, dad works midnights, and his family all lives out of the area.

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  • This all depended on how old our son was (one child only). He's always been hyperactive (ADHD), so he wasn't easy to care for. Our parents never did (except once when he was a baby, overnight, while we went on a quick vacation). We would have done more one-or-two day trips without him had we had anyone who would take him overnight. He never would had any trouble with "separation"; he loved novelty and liked sitters and anyone new.

    Now he's 16, and doing some sleep-away camp; last summer we went on some few-day trips, which were great, and we're going to do it again this summer.

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  • I would go for an over night or two, but no longer. Not a real 2 week vacation without the kids.

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  • If it is a trusted family member then yes. For example if my mother in law agreed to watch my children, I wouldn't think. I trust her and know she will take good care of them.
    My nanny offered to take care of my daughter, 1, while I go away the summer. I am hesitant. I trust my nanny but I am not sure about leaving the house and the baby to her for a whole week. I feel that I will be worrying too much. I also have silly thought of, what if my nanny will run away with my daughter and demand a million dollars to return her. I know she can do that during the day, but I am just worried. I guess it's just that one of those silly or overprotective mommy worries.

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  • Yep. We've only done a couple of weekends so far, but I agree with both previous posters; you need time alone together. We're fortunate to have our parents nearby to watch the wee ones, and we come back rejuvenated and reminded of the things we value in each other (things that tend to get lost in the day-to-day chaos).

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  • If I had a sitter We'd be gone tommorrow. Guilt free!

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  • ABSOLUTELY! We have taken two week-long vacations and left the kids with grandparents. Also, a one or two nighter over the years to kick back, unwind and just spend time together is huge. We get so immersed in the kids lives, the demands of work and the extended family needs that it is very easy to forget that the two of us are part of what makes the family work. If we are not in tune, nothing is.
    It's also part of taking care of yourself.
    As long as you know that the kids are cared for and you can be in contact, go for it. Recharge, reconnect and relax. Leave the guilt out with the trash.

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