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Who manages finances in your household? ”

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  • I do. Partially because I'm more organized than he is, partially because I earn more than he does, partially because I'm just more fiscally responsible than he is. Not sure our current setup is healthy, though -- even though I try to keep him involved, he doesn't really understand what our expenses are vs. our income and can't seem to stay on a budget. Tips, anyone?

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  • I manage what little there is right now. I also need some sort of printout for my husband. The guy can't stay on a budget for the life of him. It drives me CRAZY!! It's especially hard because right now we are just living on his income.

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  • We work out a budget (spending plan) together. I manage the money day-to-day, because I'm way better at it. We evaluate/adjust the budget every year or so.

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  • My husband manages our finance simply for one reason. We'd go broke if I were to do it. I neither have the time to do it or the want. Plus, the untracked access to our funds would soon lead to me reverting back to my former "shoe-addict" self and us losing our house.

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  • I manage all our finances simply because i'm the organized one. I do everything online and we never write any checks. My husband used to spend HOURS writing checks for all his bills and very frequently he was very late paying them! We generally buy things that we need without much discussion, especially things for ourselves. When it's a larger item (be it clothes or furniture or car) we discuss it first and then make a joint decision.

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  • It's mostly shared, and I want it that way. In my husband's first marriage, he brought in the money and she managed it, keeping him fairly clueless about some things - and I think it's important for BOTH of us to know, since BOTH of us bring in the money. We discuss and plan big expenses, but make smaller personal ones at our own discretion. And I've taught him to use Quicken, which I've relied on for years and is very helpful.

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  • He does most of it but I like to know where we stand. We have two bank accounts, one for bills and house and the other I use for groceries and baby things and the like. If a big purchase needs to be made, over $100, we ALWAYS discuss it first. However, spending $200 at Target on diapers, wipes, baby lotion, paper towels, etc, doesn't count. Either of us can do that but we normally have a list we've both gone over and aren't "allowed" to deviate.

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  • Oh, Kathy, I want to pad our budget with fun money also!
    Here's what I am curious about - what purchases do you discuss with your husband/partner and what purchases you both just make without discussion?

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  • I do but only because I fear the 10 and 7 year olds would pad their personal accounts with more fun money if I left it up to them. LOL

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  • I manage the day to day stuff and especially our daughter's personal needs, husband takes care of the bills. In Turkey, bills must be paid in person, so he has the house bills paid along with the firm bills when the man who runs errands for the office goes to stand in all of the lines. There is no system of personal checks. Business checks, yes, but no sitting down and paying the bills. Everything cash (people do use credit cards for shopping).

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  • I do and I need to make a change or have some sort of print out to show my husband all of our expenses.

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