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What's a good age difference between children? (How far apart are your children?)”

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  • Me and my sister are seven years apart. All I recommend is to not have them be that far. Now that we are older we have nothing in common and rarely get along or have that closeness that we would have if we were closer in age.

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  • My kids are a little over 6 years apart. I knew I wanted to wait at least three years between them, to enjoy my son and have him out of diapers before having another one, but didn't plan on waiting six. I am really enjoying the difference in age, though. He is in school, so she and I spent time alone when I was on maternity leave, and he is really helpful with her. It is crazy starting over with everything after so long, though. All of the baby products have changed, and we've had to give up a lot of our independence.

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  • Ours are almost 3 years apart. It was very good to have the first out of diapers and somewhat independent. They have a great relationship and have played together very well. They are close enough in age to have common interests but far enough apart that they have their own things as well.

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  • my two girls are 19 months apart. We didn't plan it that way. we were trying to decide whether we wanted another child when I found out I was pregnant. we were happy and happy that they were close in age...though it was tough having two in diapers for awhile! They are 10 and my oldest just turned 12.

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  • My sons are 16 months apart and while it actually wasn´t planned that way, it´s turned out fine. My oldest underwent surgery when he was 13 months old and I was quite pregnant, which was hard. At the time, I felt that I missed out on a lot with my firstborn because I couldn´t carry him as easily and my lap all but vanished for storytime!

    When my second was very tiny, it was quite hard. I had a toddler who wanted to do stuff and a newborn who couldn´t do anything . . . but now it´s great. They are 1 and 2 and they are constantly playing together and get along very well most of the time. Everyone has told me that they will grow up very close and I´m sure they will. It was hard in the beginning, but worth it. :)

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  • 3 years has been good. I liked having only one in diapers! If they were closer though, I think in some ways it would be nicer since there is more in common when playing together.

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  • My two are 18 months apart and, for us, it's perfect. Absolutely. We planned it this way and if we were going to have more (which we're not) they would have been close as well. I love the way they do things together, one following through stages closely after the other, etc. Having two in diapers really wasn't bad because I had to change one anyway, what's one more?

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  • My kids are 18 months apart, almost to the day. I think when they were like 1, 2, and 3 or 4, it was hard. I always had two kids in diapers, 2 and at times 3 in carseats, it was crazy. Also, my oldest had his kidney transplant when he was 14 months old and I was 7 months pregnant. When they were babies, it was hard. Now, though, they play together, fight together, defend each other, have similar interests, at least 2 of my kids are always in the same school, and so on. Here's what my take really is. Once you have 3 kids, it's a zoo anyways. If I would have been a little smarter before I had my tubal, I would have thought about how I'm always going to have an 'odd man out' and went ahead and had the 4th kid. I always have that many and more in my house now, so it really wouldn't have made a difference. I think an EVEN amount of kids is more important than how many years apart they are. No matter how far apart in age they are, there are ups and downs. With an odd amount of kids, there's always somebody feeling left out. They do all play together, but let's face it. There is only so much my 12 year old son has in common with my 9 and 10 year old daughter. I know alot of mommies out there disagree with having one more or one less in order to have an even amount of kids, but I'm usually told that I was right in the end. That was actually advice from my grandma that I didn't take.

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  • I have 25 mo nths between my girls. Just when I decided I wanted 3 years - surprise! Well, it is working out fine, but I do think 3 years would be much easier. Oh well, everything happens for a reason:) ~Lisa

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  • two kids 363 days apart ~ they are the same age for two days! They are super close and they love sharing the age for a bit.

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  • 3 kids, each 3 years apart

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  • I think it really depends on what you are looking for...
    My son was 4 when I had my twins and he was a big help, could understand what was going on etc....but now that he is 6.5 and they are 2.5, they don't play too much because he is just too much older than they are. This is nice though as we have individual activities that we do with each of them.
    Then I had my youngest daughter when my twins were only 17months....the twins were a bit of a handful with a new baby as they still needed me a lot...but now my youngest is 1 and the 3 girls play together all the time - it is so cute to see!
    My son (6.5) and my youngest (1) also get on very well...and I think it is because he is So much older than her and has a real soft spot for her!

    So...there you go...I think I have all the combinations :-)
    Either will LOVE the mix you end up having !!


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