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What's the most frequent cause of arguments between you and your husband/significant other?”

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  • We argue about getting time alone. I spend so muh time taking care of our kids, our grandkids and my mother.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim Begnaud on 8th October 2007

  • money, parenting, responsibility... (my husband has a weird tendancy to lose things.. money included)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Myst on 5th October 2007

  • We mostly argue about chores and such.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 28th September 2007

  • My husband and I rarely argue. We joke that we would argue about money-- if we had any. We've been together for 20 years, have been through all of the challenges in our wedding vows, and have a very empathetic relationship. We have always been very careful about how we word things and about taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. Early in our relationship we accepted that each of us is in the center of his or her own universe and that differences of opinion are a matter of course. Most of the sensitive issues have turned into big jokes. For example, he is very very tidy and I am...not..but he is very polite about it. Thank God.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KatieK on 25th September 2007

  • My shoes. More specifically, the abundance of shoes which dominate every shelf of our closet.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by The Tattooed Mommie on 24th September 2007

  • I'm lucky we don't argue about many of the big things. What it comes down to for us is time. We def. argue about time. Neither of us has enough of it and things have to get done while caring for the children so they often don't get done.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 24th September 2007

  • In - laws!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Victoria on 21st September 2007

  • Cleaning and stuff related to household stuff. I know, it's something to figure out how not to argue about. Oh, and his family. A whole mess of a complicated subject.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 20th September 2007

  • Money!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by TracyB on 20th September 2007