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Do you have a blog? Is it just personal or do you aim to make money from it? (please post a link too!)”

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  • I have a personal blog...that I just started. I have another blog (that all my friends and family know about and read). Right now I'm blogging mostly as a self cleansing thing...if it works out maybe I'll put ads on, or start a new one...who knows

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  • I just started blogging six months ago and have become addicted. I started a personal blog and then a professional one focused on helping non profits raise money and tech tips. It has been so fun. I never started out thinking I would make money. Just wanted to find a place to vent and process what was happening in my life. I have not made a ton of money, but have met some women that have really touched me and has made it all worth it!

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  • I became a bit of a blog junkie after starting my personal blog. Eli's blog was set up so that family members living far away could track the progress of my pregnancy and Eli's birth: I started a "professional" blog, soon after returning to work to vent my frustrations about a completely inflexible employment situation. The topic became an obsession and I added a few AdWords ads and listed a few services I could offer, but overall, the purpose was to write, not to make money. Most recently, I started the Return to Work project and launched a blog to track the progress of the project: I enjoy writing for all three blogs and try my best to keep up with demand each week.

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  • My blog is a little of both. I started my blog to create a online " ME" - so it is mostly personal. A great thing happened is my blog is very much a stress relief. www.fhhc.blogspot.comrnMy friends and family who live far away can keep up to date. I use it to fundraise, promote my friends books and advertise my business. I even through in a favorite recipe or 2.

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  • Yep - I've blogged for a while... but just got serious about it this last summer. I blog to make money... I am a contributer to a couple of blogs - but, right now I'm focused on a blog that really has nothing to do with my main business. Last year I created a site ( and it was getting amazing traffic. so, this summer I added a blog and post to it regularly. My traffic doubled - and my income from the site has almost done the same. the blog is: -- I love blogs and blogging and can't wait to get more into it with my "real" business :)

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  • My partners and I blog at as part of our communications agency. I'd say its a mix of professional and personal blogging.

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  • I'm a professional blogger at Strollerderby at ( ) and I blog for fun at , for which I do make a small amount through advertising. In addition, I'm just launching a new spiritual blog at . That one will support and be adjunct to my business as a life path counselor at my website LightSpring Transformations ( ).

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  • Yes I do have a blog at would love to get paid for blogging, but honestly I don't think anyone would offer to write me a check!

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  • I may put ads on my blog at some point - when the readership is bigger :-) - but it's a non-money-making enterprise now and for the foreseeable future. It's a personal blog for my book reviews and anything else I want to write about. It's at, where "Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness" pretty much sums up what you'll find - it's not just a title, it's a mission statement (and a tagline).

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  • I have a personal blog at and a blog for work to support students and academics who write called "RedPensForever," at I have a third one, just for my students. Nothing to see there. None are money making. I am starting up a new blog about equestrian sports in Istanbul that I am thinking about monetizing.

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