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Do you have an over-the-top baby gear collection? (The Coach diaper bag, The Bugaboo Stroller, etc)”

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  • I just had to have a bugaboo! It was so cute, and functional (it grows with your baby through the different stages). I also bought a petunia picklebottom diaperbag. The prints were beautiful.

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  • We were gifted with a rockin' Isabella Fiore diaper bag and I have to admit, it is supercool. I'm starting to gather a little collection, but sometimes it's more of a baby-gear lust thing. We try to stay within a budget. :-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Capitolmoms on 1st October 2007

  • The most kind of expensive thing we have is a Maclaren umbrella stroller. It's not fancy, it cost 99.00 but at less than 10 pounds I love it. When I was pregnant I so wanted a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag though.

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  • Nope. Their dad made the crib. No change table; I changed them on the floor. Decent strollers, because I walk A LOT, but not wacko-expensive ones. Babies just don't need a lot of stuff - and they certainly don't need expensive stuff. They're only going to puke and poop and drool and smear soggy teething biscuits all over it anyway...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 25th September 2007

  • In my early 20s I spent 12 weeks above 12,000 feet in the Himalayas (Nepal and Tibet) and I saw many mothers there carrying their babies strapped to their backs, feeding them by first chewing the food themselves and passing it on. This made a deep impression on me. When I had my baby 8 years later, I bought what I could second hand, or went without. I nursed her for 23 months. Now that she is fifteen, it is unfortunately different. She has a cell phone, an iBook, a camera, a horse...I continue to live as frugally a I can, personally. I still think about those women on them mountainside in Nepal. And I live in Turkey, here the average annual family (not individual) income is less than five thousand dollars.

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  • Nope, just over-the-top babies. Actually, we were given the bebelove double jogger in pink from a friend who's boys didn't want to ride in it anymore and the the britax decathalon in it's pink and yellow splendor was a gift from the grandparents. Nothing fancy over here.

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  • We had the Bug when our daughter was born, I admit:) My parents got it, but that's just an excuse - we wanted it. I think that was the only over the top thing we had - I am otherwise really cheap about her clothes (HM, Target, Old Navy) and other stuff - it just goes so quickly!

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