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For moms that travel with work - any advice? I am about to go away for the first time since I found out I was pregnant (my daughter is 1) and will be away for a week. I know she will be fine, but I will miss her. What do you do to help with that?”

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  • In my current position I travel an estimated 12-16 times during an academic school year. I leave on a Thursday and return on Sunday. My children are 14 and 10 and I use my travel sometimes as a carrot to motivate them to achieve certain goals. I organize championship sporting events and I can take my children along if I choice. Grades must be in good shape before an offer of travelling with mommy can happen. I still find it dificult from time to time, but children really adjust.

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  • Know that your child is in good hands, provide a list for daddy and sitter(will give you some piece of mind), Write a note from you, for daddy to read to her every night. Call if you can and let her hear your voice(it may break your heart to hear hers).
    I use to travel for work quite a bit and it tore me up. I would cry before I left and felt horrible for
    leaving. All the "what if's" crossed my mind. Over time it will get better.

    I can not even tell you what I would give for a nice plush hotel stay with a spa treatment before bed. Enjoy it for as long as you can do it. Make the best of "your" time away even though it is for work. Carve out time for yourself to relax at night. Maybe dinner with clients, boss or who ever does not need to be every night. Look up the hotel on line before you go and see if they have a spa and make an appointment. You deserve it!!

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  • After my daughter was born when I dove back into the working world I knew I'd have to travel. I was anxiety and guilt-ridden. During one of the first stints, I missed my family so much that purchased a postcard. I wrote to my daughter and told her how much I missed her. That began the postcard tradition. Each time I went away, I'd do this. Now, my daughter is 9. She thinks it's cool to have postcards from all over and she loves to read the messages. On one I wrote "...this weekend you took your first steps...I'll bet your Dad is chasing after you now..." She giggles while reading it.

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  • I just did my first multi-night trip (had only gone one night at a time until now) since my son was born 14 months ago. It was hard, not only because he missed me and I missed him, but it puts an enormous amount of stress on my husband to be solo dad and for me to try to do everything I can before leaving to make his job easier (for instance, I pre-made all his lunches so mornings would go smoother).
    Usually, if I"m traveling, I don't have a lot of extra time on my hands to think about how things are going back home, which makes me feel kind of guilty, but I just try to spend as much time as I can before and after the trip with him.

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  • I travel and used to travel even more. It's definitely not easy, I have a hard time even leaving for a day or two. I try to plan something fun to do with my daughter after I come back and I tell her about it -- she is 4. I found it easier to leave when she was younger, and didn't really understand that I was gone. I bring tons of pictures of her anywhere I go also!

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