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Does anyone ever feel like you miss out on things while you're away at work? Baby boy is 6 months now and at a very cute stage of activity and on the cusp of crawling. Some days it's so hard to leave for work.”

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  • Every day brings a new memory with your little ones. It's hard, but try not to dwell on what you may miss, rather what you're a part of.. Realistically, you could have been a WAHM or SAHM and be taking a shower when your little one takes their first step or says their first word :-) there will be hundreds of beautiful and frustrating moments in life as a parent. Embrace them all and don't let guilt eat away at you for the ones you miss.

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  • I had such a hard time going back to work. What helped me was knowing that I had to work in order to support my family and my children and although I may miss a few memories here or there, there would be so many that I have to look forward to in the future. I try to relax and know that God is in control.

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  • I remember feeling that way with my first, and my second. We all are doing what we think is right and sometimes it's just timing if you want to make a change. When I had my 3rd son, I decided working out of my home was a necessity.... Sometimes I feel bad that I didn't explore it more with I had my other two, but we all do what we can :)

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  • Hi.. . I'm new to the site but remember feeling like that exactly. By the time I had my third child, I got serious about finding an alternative. I now work exclusively from my home. Each family has to find a good balance... it just took me a while to find it and be determined enough to grab it :)

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