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Did you do any work on your maternity leave or completely disconnect?”

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  • I completely disconnected and became a mom. I wanted to fully connect with my son and I am still a breastfeeding mom. I believe strongly in attached parenting and because I work I need to have that so that I can feel a part of my son's life.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Stel on 3rd July 2008

  • I completely disconnected from work. I wanted to enjoy every minute of that precious new baby and sleep when I could. If I was thinking about work, then I wasn't directing my energies to my family who needed it the most.
    It was also so important for me to really " be" with the baby, each one, those early days. I think that focus was so beneficial to all of us.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Catootes on 1st July 2008

  • MrsDrMom -- seriously, if I could do one thing differently in the first 4 yrs of my daughter's life it would have to disconnect from work for a few weeks at least after she was born.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 1st July 2008

  • great words of wisdom ladies! I've been trying to predict what my maternity leave will look like and kind of on the fence about shutting off completely. But my gut is telling me what I believe is the best answer..."Disconnect....those first weeks and months only come once":-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mrs.Dr.Mom (whew!) on 1st July 2008

  • It's one of the things I really regret - I basically worked from second week until I went back to work. Not full time or close to it, but solid few hours a day.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 1st July 2008

  • I completely disconnected from work while on maternity leave. That was my time to be home with the baby and adjust to my new life. I left detailed written notes and completely trained my replacement before I left so I knew they were in good hands.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by April Mims, Career Coach on 1st July 2008

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