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Just curious if any of you moms who own your own business have ever had a health emergency that affected your business? How did you handle it? About 1 year ago I had what was supposed to be simple shoulder surgery...well it actually turned out to be four weeks COMPLETELY imobilized. Thankfully my mom ,who lives 4 hours away, was able to come stay and she also does embroidery. I could sit with her and direct her and she kept my business going. It was a very interesting time because I really had never taken into account not being able to fill orders for a month. Any similar experiences and what was your solution.”

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  • Yes, I use to work from home for about 11 years. I started my business after my daughter was born. Three years later I discovered I was expecting my son. When I delivered my son I did not have employees I could delagate task too. It was a very difficult time for me. I tried coming back to work earlier than the 6 week period, that did not work. My solution was to hire someone to help. It was a financial strand at first, but it kept the business going until I was full strenght.

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