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Pumping at work: If you had to pump, for how long did you do it ? Did your company have a dedicated private space for you to do it?”

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  • When I returned from maternity leave, I was given free reign to create a place for nursing mothers to pump (there are some perks to working in HR). I created a soothing space with gliders and a refrigerator far removed from the hustle and bustle of the office.

    However, I only pumped for eight weeks before throwing in the towel and quitting my job altogether to stay home with my daughter. It was just too much of a hassle for me to pump and I had the option of quitting so I did.

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  • I have a double pump, and breastfed for the first year of my daughters life, I work full time, and the office I work at does not have a breast pumping area, so I would use offices or training rooms that were not being occupied at the time to pump in, I even recall using the supply closet. Use whatever you have, I don't suggest using the restroom though, unless you have a small office.

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  • I go back to work this week, and I plan on pumping in my office. I'm looking forward to it, as I don't plan on answering phone calls or responding to emails. This will be my quiet time!

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  • I pumped for close to six months, and would just hide-out in my office (with the door closed and locked) while doing it. I would generally pump one side at a time (I didn't have a hands-free device), so I could use one hand to go through emails/voicemails during my pumping times.

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  • I pumped for 1 year. I then began to cut back on day feeding so he was eating during the times I was working. I had an office where I could pump but I needed my work to make accomodations so that I could wash the pumping utensils, I had to explain why I needed a certain room, and although it was embarassing for them after I told them " I need to wash my breast shields after each pumping" they gave me the key immediately. So hopefully your work environment is supportive of breastfeeding.

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  • I pumped for 11 months. Our office has a "dedicated" room, but there's a window with blinds that runs along the top of the wall and it never felt quite private enough. Luckily I found a nice, large closet!

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  • When my son was 3 months old I went back to work half-time. I pumped once or twice a day during this period. When he was 6 months old, I resumed full time work. Since he was now eating solid foods, I still only pumped a couple times a day. After I few more months I quit pumping and by 12 months he weaned himself. There was no place to pump -- I had to use a stall in the bathroom. I didn't really "pump" though, because I could never get a pump to work. I expressed the milk by hand. It was slow, but I didn't need electricity.
    When my daughter was born several years later I signed her up for a day care center a block from my office. I arranged to work 3/4 time for 6 months, starting when she was 3 months old. I would nurse her before dropping her off in the morning and then after two hours of work I would go to the center and nurse her again, then work two more hours, nurse again and then work two more hours and pick her up and go home. By the time I had to work full time again she only needed to be nursed once in the middle of the day at my lunch time. No pumping at all! It was great.

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  • I pumped for 8 months at work. When I first went back, I had a nice conference room to pump in. I could lock the door and no one bothered me. I didn't make a big deal about having to do it, just said I needed to feed my son and I'd be back in about 15 minutes. I pumped 3 times a day at work, plus went home for lunch in the beginning. I got a promotion and transferred locations and lost my nice, comfortable pumping place. I had to use our back supply room and there was the threat of someone coming in. I had to put a note on the door and it just wasn't as comfortable. Also, with my new position I felt rushed and bothersome because I was away from my job for parts of the day. Overall, pumping was not that bad - just what I had to do to make sure my son had enough to eat. I hope your workplace is supportive of your decision and makes it easy for you to succeed!

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  • I pumped for a couple of months at work. We have a family-style bathroom with a lock, a chair and a decent counter. It was private, and great - as far as pumping goes.

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  • I pumped for a year with my first son (I was home with my 2nd and 3rd mostly). I did consulting so was in different locations. I pumped in the car on the way and on the way home. During lunch, I'd go sit in the car. I used a car adapter plug. Looking back, I was probably quite the site for truckers who could actually look down into my car!

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  • I pumped at work until my daughter was 9 months-old (had enough milk stored I could pump twice at home and cut out the office pumping). I had my own office and was able to shut/lock the door three times a day for a quick date with the pump (I agree - got old fast, but well worth it)! ~Lisa

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  • I pumped at work with both my kids. There was not a designated area to do this, but I was fortunate enough to have my own office. I would just close the door and pump 3-4 times a day (once during lunch) for about 20 minutes. I did that for about 6 months with each of my kids. It got old quickly, but was well worth it!

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