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Pumping at work: If you had to pump, for how long did you do it ? Did your company have a dedicated private space for you to do it?”

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  • I was fortunate to have a room at work just for me to pump in. It was a side room with a lock off of the bathroom. I pumped 2 times a day while I was working, I fed my daughter on my lunch break and then again when I got home. I only held that down for about 4 months. It's hard work to keep up with that and my pump was so slow that it took me 30 minutes each time.

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  • Wow, my hat is off to you! Seriously. I pumped for 3 months exclusively after going back to work. My daughter refused to breastfeed as soon as we started giving her the bottle so I'd have to pump 5x a day, 3 of them in my office. It was mostly glass so I bought these tall Japanese screens that I would unfold when I had to do it. All the men I worked with -- and they were all men -- would then know that's what I was doing:)

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  • I'm going on 10.5 months now ... plan to quit in another week or so. No dedicated pump room, just my office for the day.

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