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Did you always want to have kids?”

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  • When I got pregnant I was only 19 years old and really was just thinking about partying and going to school! I didn't think I would have kids and even though my pregnancy was unplanned it was with my true love and was something that was truly amazing. I would never take anything away from being a mom or having two great kids, but that was the last thing on my mind when I was 19 years old. I really had alot of growing up to do, but somehow I did and it was really great. I love being mommy to Cassidy-Ray and Cameron-Reece! The are my lovies... ;)

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  • Absolutely, I always knew I wanted to be a mom. My career kind of just happened. I am glad I experienced living on my own, career and traveling. I had my kids late 36 for my first and 38 for my second. Looking back, I wish I had them a little's exhausting at any age but the older you get it is even more exhausting. The best tired I have ever felt!!

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  • No! I'm still amazed, as is my family. Not that it was unplanned, but it was a big change of direction. :) I'm comforted to see how many of you moms also said "no, not always."

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  • I didn't mind the idea of being a parent, but I had no desire whatsoever to actually give birth. I always kind of figured that I would end up a step-mom. Now I'm the step-mom to a wonderful 8 yr old and I'm pregnant with our fist child together. I'm still getting used to the idea of actually BEING pregnant (about 11 weeks now) and I still haven't quite wrapped my head around the idea of actually giving birth or taking care of a baby. I didn't meet my sd until she was 5 so I missed all the baby & toddler stuff.

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  • My dream as a little girl was to grow up and be a mom. I didn't want to work outside the home. At one time I wanted at least 10 kids if not more until I went to visit my in-laws when my oldest was 14 months old. They still had 5 kids living at home ranging in age from 14yrs-5yrs. They were the worst behaved kids EVER. That was the 1st and last time I ever seen them because we lived in a different country.

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  • I changed my mind on this many times. When I was a teenager, I always imagined myself with a family and kids. In my early twenties, I decided that this world was too screwed up to bring children into it and subject them to this world. In my late twenties, I was dying to have kids but waiting for th eright guy/time, etc. I got divorced in my late twenties from a man who disliked children and did not want them so I hard to start over. Now, at 33, I finally have my first. I still wonder sometimes what kind of world I brought him into but I know that I can make our immediate family life wonderful and I know that he is strong and will be able to handle it.

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  • Absolutely. Having children was always in my mind. In fact, being a wife and mother was all I really wanted to do - a carreer was secondary and much like a necessary evil.

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  • NO! I never had any desire to have kids which is why my first one wasn't born until 8 years after we were married. I was always pretty selfish and quite frankly didn't think I would make the best mother. I was terrified I would fail.....well 3 boys later (one 14 year old and two 10 year old twins) I must say it's the most rewarding job I've had.

    I realized I could have it career, my family and my own life. With a good support system it is possible. Yes, you need to work on it but since I've always been a bit selfish I have no guilt in taking time out for myself.

    I am truly blessed with the most wonderful, happy and well adjusted kids imagineable. Being a career mom, they have great respect for women as well. I've never treated my kids as little babies, nor put on any airs....I'm just me with them and we all love it.

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  • Absolutely yes, and I never thought I'd be this old (29) before having my first. I'm from a culture where people have lots of kids and start young, though, so for most of my life, I barely knew that NOT having them was even an option!

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  • I always wanted kids and I am blessed to have two daughters. The first one was born the first year of my marriage and the other one in two years. My husband always wanted a boy (no surprise here!). It wasn't easy when they were little, but now when I look back only good memories come to me.

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  • No, I didn't always want kids but I am glad that I had Jonathan. I realise that I love parenting. I even parent his friends when they come over. Its actually quite funny.

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  • No, I always knew I wanted to get married but wasn't sure about kids. I got married at 23 and told my husband we'd get around to it before I was 30 (that was old back then ;-) ) and next thing I knew 30 was almost upon me. Now that I have them though, I wouldn't give them up for the world. I agree with alanaransley though, we also waited 6 years and it helped us build our relationship first and that allows us to give back so much more to the kids. I know not everyone has tha luxury, the clock is ticking for many of my friends. But for those with a choice, I think it is well worth it. We still go on a cruise once a year without the kids (thank goodness for grandparents) and it makes us stronger as a couple. I once read that taking time for your relationship is one of the best gifts you can give your kids. I really believe that is true.

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