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Did you always want to have kids?”

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  • No, I didn't always want kids. Always thought my career would be it and for a number of years wasn't even sure I wanted to get married. However, that changed once I met my great hubby. After being married a few years, those feelings of wanting children just seem to come on my naturally. So very glad they did! :)

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  • No, I did not always want kids. I got married at 21, and felt like I was lying in my vows about welcoming children. My mind changed after being married for several years, and all of my friends starting having kids. I also starting working with kids in my business, as a Girl Scout volunteer, and finally as a teacher.

    I am glad that we waited a while after being married before having our son, because my husband and I were able to enjoy each other for six years, move to a new state and start over, and buy a house.

    We then waited over six years before having our daughter this past September. I've wanted another baby for about three years, but it took quite a while to convince my husband. Our son was very difficult as a baby and toddler, and we didn't want to go through that again. Luckily, we now have a sweet, precious girl, and she is the perfect completion to our family.

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