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Do you get along with your boss? If not, would you ever ask the boss why you don't get along?”

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  • Thanks Kate. This is great advice!

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  • i think it would be a good idea, depending on how you approach it. obviously you dont wnat to go in and cry 'why dont you liiiikkeee meeeeeeee' :)

    The way to get the most benifit is to go in with specific examples and make statements that keep the conversation about how you want to ensure you understand the expectations she is setting.

    with the example you gave, ask how the way you chose to deal with the situation negatively impacted her opinion of you. Did it impact customers/performance/completion of tasks/etc.? how would she would have preferred you handled the situation? How would these suggestions have improved any of the areas that were affected by the way you origionally chose to handle the situation.

    even though you feel like she doenst like you, it may be that she just wants to see more from you as some leaders tend to push harder on those they feel have more to give! Stay positive and confident and it will be a win no matter what!

    if she is just a crazy boss trying to make life horrible for everyone - her day will come - so just hang in there!!

    i have had these conversations with both types of bosses and have found them to be great learning experiences and a huge growth opportunity. (and actually decided i didnt need to put up with crazy and GOT OUT before i went insane from the influence... )

    let us know if you have the conversation and what happens!

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  • I ask this question because it's clear that one of my bosses doesn't like me. She can't wait to pounce on my every move. For instance, my son was sick last week and she scolded me for taking a (light work responsiblity) day to care for him. I almost want to sit down with her and ask her why she acts this way? Is this a good idea or should I let it go?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KC on 10th July 2008