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Are there any other do-it-yourself decorators out there? I'm painting an old buffet for my dining room this weekend. What projects are you working on? When do you find the time? And do you let your kids help you?”

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  • I LOVE to do projects....right now we just added a master suite and I am painting it. It was harder then you would think to get a color I liked. I wanted a "sunflower" yellowish came out looking like American so I decided to Faux finish it with a glaze and now I love it!!

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  • Oh, yes and no! I'm into DIY stuff and I have a looong list of things I'd like to improve... but I never seem to find the time. :) I like to look around thrift shops for "the perfect thing" and I like to rethink my furniture layout. Biggest thing on my list is repainting the kitchen, but it just doesn't ever seem to get done... :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 12th July 2008