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I'm returning to work from maternity leave next week and I feel absolutely horrible about dropping my two-month old off at the sitters. I'm starting work on Wednesday, but I'm dropping him off starting Monday so I can get used to it. Any advice for this new mom?”

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  • I felt very nervous going back as well -- we had a nanny and I asked her to come a few days before I had to go back to work so that I could get used to it. The first day she came I stood outside our apt door for a few hours -- I could not get myself to actually leave. So you're not alone:)

    What helped me was seeing that my daughter was fine and happy with the sitter -- that she was in good care. I think the first few days are rough, but you can get through them!

    We had some great tips about going back to work from members, check them out:

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  • Good idea returning to work in the middle of the week -- having a short first week back made things much easier for me. My advice would be to give yourself persmission to miss your baby, and give yourself permission to enjoy being around adults again. I felt so torn when I went back to work after my youngest was born, it helped to understand that it's OK to miss him and also OK to be happy to be productive at work...

    Also, here's a link to some great advice from other Work It, Mom members:

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