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What's the biggest source of stress for you? How do you deal with it?”

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  • Martha- I totally understand- my husband has had it really bad now for the last year-got laid off and
    the jobs are not available right now. He joined the union-but it is slow now too. Worked 6 hrs. last month.
    And at the same time unemployment ran out. Worry about bills. work picking up or finding a new job. Life is not fun right now. My youngest one's dad hasn't paid child-support either. Try to see if their is any places where you live to help you with anything. It's not a bad thing to ask for help when you need it.
    Even if you could get help with daycare-it's worth a try. Our little bit of savings is almost gone-just hope life gets better-easier for alot of people going through the same thing right now.

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  • My biggest source of stress is "how am I going to pay all these bills when I keep getting laid off?" Between daycare which I need to look for work, the small paying jobs I get that barely pay the bills and being laid off again in a few weeks from now plus I do not get any kind of child support from the idot I am seperated from, the stress is enormaus. How do I deal I just keep going that is all you can do. Sure I cry but what good does it do? I look like a red eyed racoon after. Attractive.

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  • My biggest source of stress is my job. I despise it tremendously. I feel sick as soon as I walk into the building. KC, I have the same eye twitch that you have and yes it is caused by stress. My hair is also starting to fall. There is so much unfairness and favoritism at my job. I can't take it anymore. I want to find another job, but I live in a small town with no opportuinities. I am currently trying to build my work at home business which seems to be taking forever to pay off. I really don't know what else to do. I want to lower stress, make money and stay home with my family. Am I asking for too much?

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  • Debra, I hope you at least have a riding lawnmower! How old are your kids, and I am sensing you are a single mom...? Or do you include your significant other as one of the "children" in your household???

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  • My biggest stress is the fact that I hold three part-time jobs but still have to do everything at home. We have a 3 acre lot which I have to cut each week, the kids would not be fed, bathed or anything if I didn't do it myself. I get tired of being the only "responsible" adult here. I don't know how I de-stress. I guess I don't. I am really looking forward to school starting back. I teach part-time which leaves me a few hours in the afternoon to run errands and do a few things by myself. Otherwise, I NEVER have any alone time. Well, I guess you can tell that today was a rough day.

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  • Uuugh ... my work! The work environment is s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l. (Last week I developed an eye twitch that I'm convinced is a result of work!) My bosses disagree with each other and give us underlings conflicted messages. So what's right one day could be wrong the next and what I think my day's responsibilities are can change in a moment's notice. I am only just now -- two years into this gig -- learning to "go with the flow." For instance, I had a performance evaluation this past Friday and just nodded my head and let my boss speak for 25 minutes. I occasionally wrote a note (communicating that I'm interested in what is being said) and left the meeting on amicable terms. I've also snagged a work office that is far away from everyone so that I can get work done by avoiding most of the work drama. (We recently had a receptionist leave and I had NO clue why she stopped working here and was happy not to know!)

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  • Not enough time in the day and too many people wanting something from me all the time. I de-stress by leaving the house or office and going to the gym, or even just going to the grocery store or running an errand by myself. My husband can totally read me, and he is OK if I leave the house or office for a short period of time (usually an hour or so). Sometimes I think he doesn't object because he is afraid of the alternative -- I may just leave and not come back! I would never do that, but at least we can joke about it. It's just sometimes overwhelming with four small kids, a needy mom and a business to run. Oh, I also like to sing in the car. :-)

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