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Do you parent the way that you were parented? Were your parents strict or lenient? How does that effect your parenting?”

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  • We're doing the baby stage very much the way my parents did....I attribute that to the fact that I know more about babies than my husband, and I spend more time with our daughter. I'm not sure how our style will change as she gets older.

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  • I do parent a lot like my parents did. There are some key differences between how they parented and how I do, but there were also differences between how my parents parented us as kids. For example, my mom never made us do chores and when we got in trouble with her we talked about what we did wrong. My dad on the other hand was not against yelling at us VERY! LOUDLY! if we misbehaved and he made us do more to help out around his house. I think I am a blend of the two.

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  • Just had a fight with my mom about this yesterday:) I am parenting in a very different way, which my mom considers extremely strict and authoritarian (her word). We have rules for certain things - e.g. eating only at the table, cleaning up after playtime - that I ask my daughter to follow and I feel that having these teaches her great habits and sets her up for life. My mom says she always wanted to be my friend - they never punished me, etc. I don't think the way I parent prevents me from being friends with my daughter...

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  • I do not parent the way my parents parented me. (wow, that's a lot of parent in one sentence!)
    I think my husband I use a little of what we learned from our parents (hopefully the best characteristics) and mix them together with one another. My parents were very leanient, his were very strict. So now, we try to have a happy medium between the both, but we lean a little more on the strict side right now. We figure it is easier to be strict now than to try to be strict later after discipline habits have been formed.
    But hey... there's no book on this that tells you the sure fire way to be right with parenting, so like everyone, we'll just wing it and do what we feel is best and hope that it will be enough.

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