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If you could change one thing in the world that you know will effect your children's future, what would it be? (ie, Global Warming, Peace in the Middle East, Off'ing Paris Hilton.. oh wait, that's my answer.. sorry)”

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  • My son was diagnosed with a genetic condition when he was 6 months old, a day that will never be forgotten. So I guess for me, if I could in any way influence future change for him (& my daughter), it would have to be the eradication of ALL life threatening and/or chronic illnesses affecting children.

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  • i think what we have noticed is that is impossible to only say ONE thing! there are so many things that we dont want our children exposed to that is i overwhelming! sometimes, i think we should start focusing on the things we WANT our kids exposed to, other cultures, the arts, wilderness, cities, kindess to others, honesty - our neature is to repeat what we see around us - i want to try to surround my son with the things i want him to learn/be in hopes that he emulates them! Then he is stronger against the things that we can't wish away....

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  • The first thing that comes to mind and that is eliminating the "isms" like Racism and Sexism. We live in a world that can be very shallow (e.g. my hummer is bigger than yours), me-oriented (e.g. my way is the right way) and unaccepting of anything and anyone that is different from us. That **** needs to stop.

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  • What a great question - I just spent too much time thinking about it:) I think I'd say 2 things: improving the dismal healthcare situation in the US and improving America's image and political relationships (that I believe are currently isolating us and making us a target for continued terrorism).

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  • - I think an awareness of taking care of the environment. We need to take care of our water systems, cut down on the chemicals we use in the world, in our homes, and on our food. Taking steps to prevent diseases through taking care of our health.

    Make it a Great day!

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