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How much TV do your kids watch on an average week and how old are they?”

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  • My son is 3, and watches about 1.5 - 2 hours a day on weekdays. I don't feel bad after he's been at daycare all day, letting him unwind a little bit with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or something similar. On the weekends we let him watch a bit more, but really try to limit it as much as we can. I'm concerned about breaking this habit once he has homework - I don't want any TV before homework is finished when he's older.

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  • my son is 15 months and he is fascinated wiht the remote and turning the tv on/off as well as channels. if he cant get it to turn on he brings me the remote. it is so cute! but really, once it's on he ignores it unles there is something with a cheesy kids type song where momentairy dancing erupts or fuzzy animals which usually results in pointing an 'kieeey!!' or 'dog-gie!' - he sees the tv on about an hour a night, depending on the weather, but most of the time he doenst actually watch it (wish i could do the same!)

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  • My daugther is months and she watches about 1hr to 1.5 hrs a day of tv. So about 7 -10 hours a week.

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  • My son watches way too much TV, more than I care to write down. It's the only way for me to accomplish ANYTHING around the house, because otherwise he will follow me around and talk my head off. We live on a busy street, and there are no kids his age in our neighborhood, so I can't send him outside to play. I teach fifth grade, so all I want to do is not have to talk when I get home from work. My son is 6, and will have a baby sister tomorrow.

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  • Sadly....too much, I really try to limit it, weekday probably from 5-7pm off and on. Weekends, if he gets up before me sometimes at 6am - 9am....then maybe some in the evening with me...
    He's 11.

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  • My son, who is 20 months watches about an hour or two a day on the weekdays. But when I say watch, I more or less mean that it's on and he is playing while he occassionally zones into a Wiggles song or a Noggin show for 2 or 3 minutes at a time, then goes back to playing. So honestly, I'm not sure exactly how much he's actually watching.
    On the weekends he has about an hour in front of the TV on Sunday mornings.
    I'm not sweating it right now, as his only activities he has right now are playing and learning with his grandparents (who barely speak english) until he goes back to daycare in January. At that point he won't get the TV, so I'm letting him indulge, so to speak.

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  • Some weeks they watch no television at all. They rarely watch TV during the week and on weekends they are usually outside. If they do watch TV it is usually Saturday morning cartoons. I'd say maybe an hour a week most of the time is about all they watch.

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  • My daughter is 15. She is very good about TV during the week and only watches it after all of her homework is finished and we have eaten. We renovated her room last summer and put in a TV/DVD player. I'm not too happy about it, because we always watched TV together and had a lot of fun making fun of everything. I especially like to critique sexist commercials and deconstruct most any program, which I think teaches her to have a critical eye towards the media. (There is a horrible Pepsi commercial where a young man has a drink from the can and suddenly a curvy blonde teenaged girl appears and starts kissing him...)

    When she was 10 we went to the Us and I had her tested at Sylvan Learning centers, just to see where she was in terms of language development. she only spoke English with me and then watched English videos. She tested in English reading, comprehension and writing at the 10th grade level. She has no discernible accent. She says that watching a lot of Star Trek really developed her vocabulary (we watch Star Trek as a family).

    I don't see TV as evil. I *can* be evil, but it can also be used as an educational tool. Lately she has been talking about university and what to study and has said she might like to go into advertising (the graphics end), but she is much more leaning to industrial design or engineering.

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  • Nataly - 3 hours a week is nothing!!! I have two boys - 4 and 6 and they watch maybe an hour a day on weekdays and probably a bit more on the weekends. It's one of our ways to unwind together before bed. We will also read. Just wait till your daughter starts using the computer. That has replaced the TV in terms of popularity in our household. I more have to limit the time they are on the computer than the time they watch TV. I'm sure your daughter is also watching TV that is "good for her" as I don't imagine you're letting her watch just anything, so I wouldn't worry.

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  • I'll answer first since I asked: My daughter watches about 3 hours a week, on an average week. I stress that it's too much, but she does it after she gets home from daycare and she is exhausted. (She won't sleep there, as I've complained here before) so when she gets home at 3pm she watches a video.

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