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Your best, most-trusted tip for juggling work and family - let's have it, right here, right now!”

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  • Oh, forgot to mention a nice big family calendar in a central place is extremely helpful too! My google calendar is more for my specific tasks... the family calendar in the kitchen lists any important appointments or dates, etc. that we all need to know about. (No need to bore DH with my own work deadlines, etc., lol)

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  • Routines, routines, routines! Not that I always follow them, but life is MUCH simpler when I do. has lots of great resources for balancing home life (mostly about home routines - household chores, etc. but there's also info on office routines as well). It's funny, but what FlyLady says is true... if you keep on top of your household chores with baby steps, you actually end up having More time for family (and to look at the big picture, it's all about Family, right?) Oh, and I love my Google Calendar, too!

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  • Put up a big central calendar and be human

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  • I have a few tips :) I have a poster in front of my desk that says "you don't have to be perfect, all the time". And I really do try to remember that. All that I can do, all that I can give, is my best. If I do that, then i know i'm doing all i can. I learned to delegate work to others in my business and remember that my family and I are supposed to be a team. I cannot be expected to carry the load all the time. I have my kids (they are only 5 and 6) help me when they can and then we tend to make things fun. I also have an alarm clock on my computer and next to it with times to help me not lose track of time when i'm working.

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  • Hire help whenever possible (housekeeper, snow plow service, landscaper, handyman) and put everything on my calendar in my Palm Treo. If it isn't in my Treo it isn't happening.

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  • Google Calendar & my PDA

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  • Keep it simple-- less is more :)

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