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I need people's input to help me come to a decision. I have to decide between applying to graduate school this year (and attending Aug 09) or applying next year and attending August 2010. The biggest thing for me is the fact that if I did apply this year, my husband would have to leave his job after only a little more than a year. He thinks that he would be able to stick with this company and work remotely for them, or that he might be able to work at another branch of their firm. However, this isn't set in stone, since he won't be able to talk to them about this until I know for sure that I have got in (around April of next year). Secondly, we'd have to move in a year. Our kids will be 2 and 1, so that would be a major thing in and of itself. If we wait a year, they'll be 3 and 2, so maybe easier? Waiting to apply makes a lot of sense because it will give my husband time to establish himself more with his firm. HOWEVER, I am dying to go to school. I have been waiting for this moment since we first got married, and I actually have a shot at getting in and getting started on my doctorate now. Thinking about NOT working on my educational goals for another two years makes me want to cry. So it's really a heart versus mind thing, I guess. In any case, I hope you were able to follow my train of thought. If you were in my situation, what might you do?”

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  • I'm in graduate school now - I started after a 5 yr break. It is really hard and takes a lot of time and energy especially when you have a family. If you are going to be worried and not able to focus on school it probably isn't worth it. It is only a year. Grad school will take awhile. I agree with Nataly, do what you can to get started. Can you take online classes and start to get the coursework out of the way?

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks, Nataly! Yes, there are many things I can do to prepare. In fact, I am going to be involved in two research projects and two clinical experience-type projects until I apply in the summer of next year. I guess I just need to keep my eyes on the big prize, and know that it won't be a forever-wait! It really does make sense to wait, especially since it gives me more time to brush up on all my early Psychology courses, etc.

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  • It's a tough decision, as you say -- and it does seem like waiting a year might make sense for your family. Is there anything you could start doing right now in anticipating of officially enrolling? Are there remote courses you can take? Papers you can work on?

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