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I would like to find a way to get my son (aged 15) and myself involved in regular (once a month) community service. I am especially trying to find a way to get involved in some sort of international activity to help him to recognize that we are a part of a global society. Between my work and his school work, we do not have a lot of time and perhaps adding the international piece makes this an impossible goal but does anyone have any suggestions?”

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  • My husband and I both used to tutor foreign students in English. This might be a great activity because your son is old enough to help out. Perhaps check out if there is a center for international students nearby?

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  • I live in Istanbul, Turkey. There is a great, trustworthy organization called The Society for Modern Living. It's main focus is on education, and especially on getting families that live in the east and southeast of the country to send their girls to school. They provide clothing and school supplies for needy schools. Right now their website is only in Turkish--I am thinking about volunteering to translate it (I have decided that translating websites for charitable organizations is "my bag"). There is also another good organization that buys wheelchairs for people who can't afford them (a huge number of people). There is one famous international American organization, one guy in particular, who distributes wheelchairs. I wonder if I could find the name of it online...If these sound interesting to you, maybe we could privately message via our WorkIt, Mom accounts and discuss it some more. This could be a good way to get my 15-year old daughter involved in the same sort of activity :)

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