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After coming home from work, I have a few hours with with my 13 month old. We go to the playground, library, run errands. Sometimes, I think she gets bored. Suggestions on fun stuff?”

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  • I agree that she probably isn't bored. I think that any of the time that she gets to spend with you counts. It probably doesn't matter what she's doing. When you run her on errands, just make sure that you talk to her and smile at her and have interaction with her. Make her a part of your errands. When I have to take my 12 month old son with me shopping, let's just say, I "ask" him which birthday card he prefers for my friend. I show him the laundry detergent that I buy, etc. At the park, play with her and interact. I think that, honestly, this is all that kids crave is our attention and if they have it, they won't be bored. You will probably be bored long before she is! :)

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  • Thank you everyone for your replies and suggestions. Maybe I am just to neurotic? :)

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  • I am sure you are doing great and she isn't bored. My daughter is just a few months older, and we have had somewhat of a routine after work that has worked out. Come home and eat (that is an activity here and I wish it wasn't as soon as we got home), then play, a walk/bath then bed. Play can be inside or going to the playground. My daughter loves to go outside and has gotten used to our regular path. She loves when we go to the playground or pool. She is very happy, loves to be around me or my husband and can play by herself well too. Playing with her toys inside was good too - we have more than enough and she doesn't have too many chances so it works well.

    For weekends, try going to the zoo or something similar. That is the age where my daughter started to notice animals and fish. She also loved puzzles.

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  • You're baby probably isn't bored, as long as she's spending time with you, but I just wanted to point out that, in most cases, a little bit of boredom is a good thing! It gives older kids a chance to be creative, teaches younger ones to amuse themselves, and allows everyone to find a new way to look at everyday things....

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  • I think that you don't need to worry about keeping her stimulated. Babies and toddlers are absorbing everything around them, so you could be anywhere for her to have fun. Activities and structure are not critical at this stage in her development. I think spending time together is all she needs. She will learn to become interested in things on her own without needing to be entertained, which in the long run will be better for her and for you.

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  • sometimes it's the simple things that are the best! my son loved just sitting and playing with playdough or coloring or just rolling the ball back and forth! you dont always have to 'go' somewhere :) You can also look into the local rec centers/community classes and see if there are some classes for you both to attend together. Then it's structure AND something fun to look forward to! Plus they usually only last about 6 weeks or so and you can pick something new so YOU dont get bored!

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  • My daughter is 14 months old, and we sometimes run into the same issues. I notice that as long as she's getting attention during that quality time, the activity doesn't really matter. She often comes out to water the garden with me, and loves to run around and look at the leaves on the plants or pick up walnuts in the yard (we have a walnut tree), or maybe get wet in the hose. I notice that as long as she feels like we're doing it together, she's pretty entertained.

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