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Do you feel that you are in competition with other women in your life either professionally or personally?”

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  • Nope. I am my own person and living for myself and my family. The other people don't count.

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  • I say that half if not most of the things people brag about is a lie. So I don't believe it and therefore just do what I got to do. Sometimes I do feel that I am competing but then I remind myself to just do my own thing.

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  • I do to a certain extent with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law. They live on the same property and basically spend all their free time cleaning. Their house is perfect 24-7. Mine . . . not so much. I get a lot of pressure from my husband about this, too, but I`m working most of the day online, while simultaneously looking after two toddlers and trying to cook and bake and maintain some semblance of balance . . . I don`t have time to mop ten times a day!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 25th August 2008

  • No, I don't feel like I am competition from other women. I have confidence in my own abilities to achieve success. I own my own business and I am my own biggest competitor and challenge. I drive myself very hard and sometimes forget to stop and play. I value the other women in my life who offer their friendship and have helped mentor me along the way. There are a lot of great mentors out there and we all need them. I think I have learned to pick my friends carefully and to stay away from women who don't support other women.

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  • haha! mostly i feel the need to keep up with the men. how crazy is that?

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  • Sometimes when I hang out with my friends that are what I call "super homemakers" I start feeling down on myself. I don't know how they can possibly get done what they do in a week. My husband can usually tell when this happens because I'm trying to bake a batch of cookies, while working on the computer and carrying our daughter around the house, while kicking a laundry basket down the hall. So yeah, I feel the need to keep up a lot.

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