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McCain just announced his running mate - a governor, a mom of 5 from Alaska, Sarah Palin! What do you think about that? Do you think it'll increase his chances of winning this election?”

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  • It seems to me that there are a lot of contradictions with McCain and Palin's "conservative" ways. it seems that their conservativeness (if that's a word) only applies to others. She believes in only teaching abstinence in school and then look at her daughter!! I could care less that a 17 year old is pregnant, that is her business, but when the mother is claiming that her ways are right and yet we can clearly see that her ways do not work, why should we listen to her? My husbands parents taught only abstinance and his brother had a child at 16 as well! It took that to teach the other kids to be careful - and I mean be careful, it still did not teach them abstinence. Now, if she is anti-abortion, than she damn well should make sure that she is pro-birthcontrol. Teaching birthcontrol and STD's is the only surefire way to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, therefore decreasing the number of abortions.

    Now, what does pro-life mean? Well, to most it means anti-abortion. However, why is abortion the only issue where these people think pro-life is appropraite. I don't remember learning "Thou Shall Not Kill - but this only applies to fetuses". it is simply Thou Shall Not Kill. How can people that have sent thousands off to kill and be killed call themselves pro-life? We have sent our citizens to someone else's territory killing and dying to line their pockets with money! That certainly is not "pro-life". Palin is a hunter. How is this Pro-life? Again, this is going on someone else's territory and killing them, even if that someone else is an animal. How is this okay? Now, if you like war and hunting, great, but don't stand up here and tell me that abortion should be banned because it is killing. That is called hypocrisy and I do not trust hypocrites.

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  • I think the liberal vs. conservative ideology is just the TIP of the iceburg in regards to the differences between Sarah and Hillary and it's this huge gulf between them and their life political work and their readiness to lead our country that make me unable support the republican ticket.

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  • I find it kind of humorous that most of the answers are coming from liberal voters. Of course you are not going to support Palin, she is CONSERVATIVE. Especially if you were a Hillary supporter, they couldn't be more different. Republicans needed a conservative VP candidate to balance out McCain. I am excited about this pick. My impression of Palin is a very no-nonsense, ethical, conservative, mother and politician.

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  • Firstly, I give McCain a ton of KUDOS for having the you know what, for picking her BUT....

    I don't think any of us can answer the question "Is she capable of juggling family vs. career". Her children will be the ones to answer the question on how she faired as a mother years to come. All any of us can do is try our best. Some women do it wonderfully and yes she does have a husband. It seems as though he is a partner and supportive or how else would she have gotten this far with out that??

    However, we are not talking about being VP of Pepsi, VP of Colgate, VP of Rite Aid or VP of what ever...she will be the VP of the United States. Personally speaking, something gives and that will be her reality if chosen VP. Whether you agree with me or not...something gives when you are mother. You can not be every where with 5 kids. She will of course have help.

    Her daughter getting prego at heart goes out to her. It must be a very tough time for her right now. 17 is very young and I can not EVEN imagine having a child at 17. A child does bring joy and love to persons life but it also brings a ton of change. Sorry, 17 too young!

    I do not have a child with Downs but my son was born sick and I do know the pain I felt when I left on a business trip, the fear I felt when I was on the plane so I can only imagine what she will feel and maybe she won't share the same feelings I had. I admit to being on the soft side.

    She must be a prett y amazing woman to have been chosen yet, does not get my vote.
    I HATE guns, and believe in choices.

    I think this is a really strange pick....

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  • I think that he picked a woman very strategically because he is floundering and hoping to pick up the voters that would have gone with Hillary. I would have never voted for McCain in the first place and I certainly wouldn't vote for him now. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of a woman as a VP, but the issues are more important and I feel taht Obama is the only one who is addressing the issues with clear cut ideas. On top of this, Palin is pro-gun and an avid hunter and has many views that go completely against my beliefs. I really, really hope that her gender doesn't sway voters, that they look at the issues at hand and what McCain and Palin stand for and vote the other way. We need to save our own country this time!

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  • I don't agree with every position my party takes, and more importantly, how they vote, but to say that they tend to take the positions that I would favor versus the other party is an understatement. I would vote for a male candidate who more closely supports what I support any day over a female candidate who doesn't. And to take one issue as an example, I'm particularly concerned about our planet, so I feel a huge sense of urgency to pursue safe alternative sources of energy that are not harmful to the environment, and to move away from our dependency on fossil fuels. So for me it's a no-brainer. - Paula.

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  • Regarding the 17-year-old daughter: Wow! If it's true that McCain knew about this before making his choice, I am 10x more proud of him for doing so. It makes it a more risky choice, for sure. But that's all the more proof to me that McCain chose Palin largely for her political record and abilities.

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  • Do you think today's news of Palin's 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy will affect the McCain/Palin ticket?

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  • I think it's a poor choice, for reasons that Lylah pointed out below. I was a bit saddened when I heard Mccain's pick, because this choice really just amounts to Palin being a pawn in a larger political game. I am one of those undecided Hillary supporters, but this move doesn't impress me.

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  • About her links to big oil - as far as I'm aware, not only did she expose and fight corruption concerning oil, but she's the ONLY person in the government who actually increased tax on the oil companies and gave the money back to the regular people. Just because she's from Alaska doesn't mean she's going to be unprincipled when it comes to "big oil."

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  • What I find interesting is that people are not talking about her links to Big Oil.

    Yes, she is a woman, yes she has 5 kids. Yes she is younger than Obama and a beauty queen. And, yes, she probably has no business being back up to a 72 year old president with a history of cancer. But, Obama is young and has had a short life on the political stage. The only thing Palin has to Hilary is that she is a woman. And, by the way, she is a card carrying NRA member and hunts (but this is Alaska afterall).

    All I can think of is - McCain is heavy on Washington inner workings and the inner circle, international policy, and has a bit of a principle streak in him. He takes Palin, who causes more of a stir about the points listed above and no one is talking about the fact that she might have enough potential and power to redefine our energy policy, and maybe not for the better.

    Man, woman, black, white, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready to hear about the details. Good for Palin if she can balance family and a highly political career - we should highly support that. But, for our sake, I hope we can move beyond the conservative and liberal commentary.

    Just my 2 cents, and probably a bit more passionate than most want to hear. Guess I'm a frustrated voter having difficulty being comfortable with any of the candidates. The soundbites are beginning to sound hollow.

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  • I think that conservatives will LOVE Sarah Palin. I think it's strange to have picked a person with seven years of experience in public life (she was a stay at home mom before that) when John McCain has been so outspoken about Barack Obama being young and inexperienced. I think it will be difficult for Mr. McCain to continue to make those arguments.

    She's absolutely not a replacement for Hillary Clinton as Lylah pointed out. Although I think that the hope is to make Mr. McCain's bid for the white house as historic as Mr. Obama's

    Ms. Palin's record in Alaska seems to project the maverick image that Mr. McCain likes to project for himself.

    I think she's a very strange pick. Maybe it will energize some of the conservative voters that aren't so sure about Mr. McCain, but I don't think it will have a more far reaching effect.

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