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Does anyone out there run a succeful home daycare? If so what advice would you give to other woman starting out? Do you make alot of money doing it brake even when all is said and done? ”

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  • You can make actually decent money. We are out in the booneys lol so I could never charge very much..but some cities rake in a bunch! I was watching 6 kids, making about $450 a week. I also sell Avon..I'd do online marketing while the kids took their naps.. so would make an average of $600 a week total. (if you want to sell Avon, lol let me know ;)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mkaaw on 5th October 2008

  • Its not alot of money but you can brake even. Just depends on how many children you can watch by yourself without an assistant. Good luck!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Yvonne on 11th September 2008