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I am working on a web page for my business and need photos. Does anyone know of any web sites with good photos either free or to purchase at very low cost? ”

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  • Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up finding some great shots on Cost for 5 shots was less than $10. Would love to have feed back on my web site. It is for a business and will send you the website address for you to look at. (don't want to get into trouble for advertising on WorkIt)

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  • I used the site that Diane recommended as well as some photos I found using google. A firend made some addjustments to the google photos (to comply with copyright etc..)

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  • Two great free sources: Stock Exchange - (I think), and also Flickr's Creative Commons. The photographers usually make it fairly clear that it's okay to use their images, although often they request that you credit them.

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  • -- $1 for small size images

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