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How often does you 18 month old get sick? What do you think is an average for a child in daycare? At home?”

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  • My kids are older now (youngest is 7) and in school, but I've always had them take a vitamin and fruit & vegetable vitamin everyday. they're chewables. I've noticed if they don't take them for awhile (just from getting off track from our usual schedule), they get rundown and will end up sick. They have been a lifesaver - no more doctor bills, prescription bills, etc. Let me know if you'd like the name of them.

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  • Mine has been sick a few times. He's 13 months now but honestly, he has been in daycare since he was 2 months old and has gotten sick from daycare only a couple times with minor colds. He has gotten very, very sick twice but we are pretty sure that it was not from daycare. Both times that he got very high fevers, we were visiting our inlaws and someone in the family had the flu (both times!) and did not tell us until after holding him and kissing him. You can believe my fury. But from daycare, not so much but a runny nose here or there.

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  • I wouldn't say my 18 month old is sick all the time and he has been in daycare since he was 8 weeks. I think there are benefits of them being exposed to some things, building immunity, etc.

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  • Daycare kids are sick ALL the time. My husband's coworker, who sends his child to a really good daycare, still complains about her being sick about once or twice a month. She is 6 months old. I think when you have so many kids in one space, it's inevitable that they're going to get sick. I used to teach preschool, and the toddlers have the worst hygiene of all. They are at that stage where they're too young to understand why you cannot kiss someone who has a dripping nose, but they're too old for you to constantly supervise them one-on-one like a baby. I like Yvonne's idea of talking to the DCP and seeing how the hygiene is, and what her sick policy is. A lot of DCPs get lax about making people keep their sick kids home, and that's not good. Good luck!

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  • Lets face it, if your child goes to daycare, they will get sick. You can speak to your daycare provider and see why they're sick all the time. Does she promote washing of hands? Keeping sick children away from the daycare? You have a right to ask questions! If your child cannot wash his/her own hands then the provider needs to clean them.

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