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Do you get up earlier or go to bed later to get some "me" time?”

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  • I stay up late, often until 1 or 2 am. Unfortunately, my kids get up super early, there are times when I end up with just a couple hours of sleep in a night and have to take a nap when they do!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Genesis on 24th September 2008

  • Late night is not an option for me....I wake up really really early for my ME time. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Gin E on 21st September 2008

  • I stay up late and sleep until the kids get up. I am not a morning person. One time I tried getting up in the morning and my morning kids got up earlier.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sew4heaven on 20th September 2008

  • If I want time with my husband (and no kids), I stay up a little later and we watch tv or something. If I want me time, I get up earlier. I don't do either one everyday, just every once in a while to keep me sane. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jenni on 19th September 2008

  • Neither. I can't stay up later than my husband, nor do I want tired these days. And, getting up early is not in my DNA. I find the best way to get "me" time are to a) go grocery shopping/errand running at naptime on the weekends, b) turn into a royal B**** until my husband says: honey, why don't you go do yoga or something? and c) take lunch outside the office, by myself.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BrendaG on 19th September 2008

  • I have "me" time constantly....."ME" doing everything while my husband sits and watches. ;-) No, seriously though, I have to agree with Evansmom...I need all the sleep I can get, because it is never enough. Therefore my "me" time consists of lying in bed before I sleep, going over my mental to-do list and thinking of everything I could be getting done if I were to stay up.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by OmKareem on 19th September 2008

  • Later. Every time I try to get up earlier, one of my kids beats me to it! :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 19th September 2008

  • Later

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Francesca on 18th September 2008

  • No, I need every minute of sleep I can get!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Evansmom on 18th September 2008