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Will airline security let me bring more than 3 oz of formula on a flight? I'm flying to visit family over the weekend and I'm really nervous about being able to feed my 3 month old enough. ”

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  • Thank you so much, everyone! We flew hassle-free with liquid formula! In fact, we vlogged a little about it if you want to see:

    Thank you again!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Gwynn C on 6th October 2008

  • When my kids were little I always traveled with pre-measured powder formula and brought water separately. That way I never had to refrigerate or heat anything. It was always room temp. If I were you, I would bring pre-measured powder and buy water when I got past security.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pam on 25th September 2008

  • I just did this today! I pre-filled the bottles with the right amount of formula powder, and then used bottled water on the plane to mix it up (my youngest child likes his bottles cold or room temp -- I know, odd).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 25th September 2008

  • What I do, so I don't have to worry about getting held up in security is bring powder. Breast milk, you obviously can't do that, but with formula, just bring the powder, buy bottled water on the other side of security and you are good to go. That way you have no worries. Plus if you need more on the plane the flight attendant can always give you water to mix up another bottle.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Evansmom on 24th September 2008

  • Wait a sec....I got curious and went online. Here's what you need to know, folks! Straight from the TSA (Transportation Security Admin): - Paula.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tkd_mama on 24th September 2008

  • Can you check the airline's website or call them? There may be a higher limit for formula, but I know that I had a yogurt confiscated that I had forgotten was in my "lunch bag" b/c it was 6 oz and I was only allowed 3. But I'll say it again, it may be different for formula. Can your family pick up a little bit of formula from their local market so you don't have to worry about it? - Paula.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tkd_mama on 24th September 2008

  • I don't know but I wish someone would answer this one because I am flying next week and have the same question!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by oceans mom on 24th September 2008

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