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Any ideas for healthy toddler snacks? We do crackers, fruit, soynuts and cheese. I thinks she is getting bored.”

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  • Ants on a log, pb, celery, raisins.
    yogurt, and apples to dip
    hollow out a cucumber and and make it look like a boat and put a bit of tuna in it

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  • Try hummus and whole wheat pita. My son is one and he loves it. Apple slices with all natural peanut butter (all natural kind has no sugar). Carrot sticks are also good. My son really likes the hummus, though, so I would give that a shot.

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  • I used to give my kids when they were toddlers the gerber cookies and the other cookies by gerber on the supermarket shelf.
    Also fruits are good the soft ones like bananas, apple slices

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  • We don't really do snacks as a regular thing. I feel snacks are almost always less healthy than meals, and they suppress hunger for nutritious meals. I just don't feel it's a healthy habit. I do use organic cheddar kiddy crackers for "potty snacks" but we're transitioning away from that. When I need to do snacks as a result of odd meal timing, I use Cheerio-type dry cereals and maybe some raisins or craisins. Occasionally I'll add a few crunched-up nuts.

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  • I bought Jessica Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious, and I now bake carrot muffins, chickpea cookies, peanut butter cauliflower muffin. The kids don't taste the veggies, I know they are healthy and everyone is happy!

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  • Awesome ideas!

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  • Great ideas! This helps a lot as my 2yr old and I are sick to death of goldfish crackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My girl also likes yogurt with a bit of baby cereal mixed in. She practices eating with a spoon, but the cereal makes it easier to eat for it keeps her busy for ages and ages. :)

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  • veggie stix at trader joes,
    also we split a protien bar between the two boys, age 3 adn 4. those NUGO bars. Some chocolate, but I feel OK about it.
    also popcorn ( if over 2yr)
    wheat pretzles
    and we do mini wheats as a snack, again some sugar, but better than chips IMO.
    they love bagels. we put jelly on a wheat bagel. or peanut butter ( over 2yr)
    we also freeze fruit juice for pops

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  • One thing that our family likes are the sesame sticks that are in the bulk section of the health food store. They come in a bunch of different flavors so it's easy to switch things up. Also, I blend up leftover vegetables and mix them with cottage cheese and sometimes wheat germ and let her dip her food in that...or I spread it on crackers. She loves cottage cheese and will eat almost anything that I mix with it.

    Anything that you can think of that she could use a cracker to dip in is fun for our daughter... Good luck, getting them to eat nutritious food is definitely one of the hardest things about this job.

    Oh wait, we also buy those fruit leathers from costco (you can get them other places but they're kind of expensive) They are like fruit roll ups but more tough, and they have no added sugars and are 1/2 a serving of fruit I think. Okay, now you know everything that I know.

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  • We get veggie booty at Trader Joes and our 4 yr old loves it!

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