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I work in sales and therefore spend about 90% of time in my car. Does anyone have any advice on how to pump throughout the day while on the road?”

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  • believe it or not, the travel pumps that have the AC adapter work very well as long as you have the hands free pump bra. I'd get myself all hooked up and then head out on the road. Make sure you have a shirt that covers it all up and the ice pack and cooler (including lids for the bottles) and you're in good shape.

    Good luck!!

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  • Hi All - Thanks so much for the advice. My problem is that I work in Washington DC so I'm not near any baby stores and even the bathrooms are DIRTY. I do like the idea of maybe finding a client or two that might help me out, although DC is a large area so I would need to have a few placed around the city. I really want to continue to breastfeed but I'm seeing this become a logistical nightmare. Keep the advice coming!

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  • Good luck with this, pumping while at work in a private office was stressful for me, but I caught the hang of it & was able to pump & type with one hand :) I have a great deal of respect for women who do this, it does take a lot of extra effort & devotion especially in your situation. Do get a ice chest that has a adapter for the car lighter, it keeps things so cold. We bought ours at Academy. Good for you !!

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  • If you have customers that are understanding, I agree with asking to use a private office or conference room. If not, what about mapping out Babies R Us or other stores with nursing rooms in your territory? Or, some department stores have nice bathrooms with sitting areas.

    If you can avoid pumping the car, that would be ideal. I found that when I was uncomfortable or nervous about people seeing me, I didn't really pump as much. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water while on the road!

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  • I know plenty of women who have pumped in their cars when they had no other options. There are also hands free pumps as well as accessories to make others hands free and you could pump while driving this way. (While rare, it has been done)

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  • Is there any way you could get one of your clients, say a long-time favorite client, to let you use one of their offices or small rooms to pump? If not, then a clean bathroom in their office probably is the best bet.

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